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Tiger Struggles In Opening Round Of The PGA Championship

TULSA — The game has changed, but Tiger Woods’ strategy has not. His body and his personality have, but his strategy has not. Woods would’ve 2-ironed his way around Southern Hills on Thursday at the PGA Championship with two perfect legs, and he 2-ironed his way around Southern Hills on Thursday with two surgically rebuilt […]

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TGR Foundation offers free educator professional learning in partnership with DoD STEM  

Through its ongoing partnership with DoD STEM, TGR Foundation recently opened registration to STEM Studio, virtual educator professional learning sessions offered at no cost in the summer of 2022.  

 There will be two sessions available for first-time STEM Studio participants taking place 9 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. PDT, daily June 21 – 23 and June 28 – 30. These sessions will cover practices to build an Inquiry Mindset in their teaching and students’ approach to learning.  

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Tiger Walks Away From Augusta With Hope

AUGUSTA, Ga. —The patrons formed a tunnel of pure adulation and serenaded their limping hero. Those who couldn’t elbow their way to high-five territory gathered just behind the press-only section, desperate to milk every last second of their proximity to Tiger Woods. Five greencoats mingled just outside the scoring area, looking for someone to chat […]

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Woods’ Comeback Week Stalled Due To Putting On Saturday

AUGUSTA, Ga. — “Should” means diddly-squat in this game, but putting “should” be the easy part. There’s no pushing off required. No coiling, no side-bending, no need to move “ballistically,” as Tiger Woods put it Friday. Just let the arms hang loose, rock the shoulders, feel the speed with your hands. Plus, he’s spent countless […]

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Tiger Woods Starts Friday Slow, Finishes Strong And Can’t Wait To See What The Weekend Holds

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Augusta National punched Tiger Woods in the face, which is pretty rude considering the state of his leg. Woods wobbled amid a three-club wind and got off to a putrid start during Friday’s second round: four bogeys in his first five holes, and the one par came on a par 5 he […]

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Tiger Woods’ Heart And Mind Win Out In Gritty Return

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Had it been the 18th tee of Pebble Beach instead of Augusta National, the violent snipe-hook Tiger Woods hit would’ve dove into the Pacific. At Bethpage Black it would’ve careened into a vortex of bunkers. At Pinehurst, Woods might still be in the trees on a quixotic search for a punch-out window. […]

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How volunteers impact TGR Foundation’s students, programs and mission

Over the past two years serving as the volunteer coordinator, I have interacted with the TGR Learning Lab volunteers and interns, from recruitment to supervision. I have enjoyed the working relationships that have blossomed. My philosophy when supervising anyone is to allow meaningful interactions and effective communication. By doing so, I have gained much knowledge of who our volunteers are, what their goals are and what ambitions they have. Doing this allows me to be more knowledgeable about how to support them in their roles best and share any opportunities that will enable them to grow and prosper.  

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Scholar Voices: Why I chose to start my path to becoming a doctor at Brown University

Through personal outreach, an internship with the American Heart Association and personal health adversities in my family, I found an interest in cardiology. As I learned how crucial the heart, lungs and their connecting vessels are to human health, I developed a desire to help those in need of heart and lung operations.

During my junior year, I had the absolute honor of being accepted into QuestBridge’s College Prep Scholars and the Earl Woods Scholar Program. I saw an immense connection in the way the resources from both programs were distinct, yet both were critical in constructing me as a strong holistic candidate. The Earl Woods Scholar Program provided an unmatched individualistic and personalized support system wherein I had mentors and advisors that I could turn to at any time. It was set to help me achieve any vehicle for success, in my case both the QuestBridge and UC processes. Anybody who’s seen the work of the EWSP can vouch for the fact that all staff involved are the most dedicated and hardworking people.

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TGR Foundation, Discovery Education launch free educator professional learning series 

TGR Foundation is excited to launch a new educator professional learning series on its free digital platform, TGR EDU: Explore. Comprised of six no-cost modules, the series provides educators of all levels and experiences with tools and resources to create authentic, student-centered learning opportunities that help students connect to real-world STEM careers.

Working with Discovery Education, TGR Foundation set out make professional learning opportunities more accessible so educators can learn at their own pace. With a wide variety of tools and resources already available on the award-winning TGR EDU: Explore platform, expanding the professional learning resources through the series was a natural fit.

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Anaheim Union High School District partners with TGR Foundation, invests in educators  

As educators face challenges of distance learning and look for strategies to keep students engaged in virtual, in-person and hybrid class formats, TGR Foundation’s four-part series of STEM Studio trainings provided a solution with a domestic launch in Anaheim, CA. In close proximity, to the foundation’s flagship TGR Learning Lab, many Anaheim Union High School District educators had already been connected to our programs.  

 In the summer of 2021, the cohort model was launched with a group of teachers from Dale, Sycamore, Orangewood and Walker junior high schools participating in Virtual STEM Studio One, Inquiry Mindset. From there we have continued working with cohorts from Dale that have moved forward in our Inquiry Pathway to a second Inquiry Workshop, Making Thinking Visible.   

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Scholar Voices: How my research will resolve issues, support African American Community

Growing up as a low-income minority student attending an impoverished high school, it was easy to see the separations between a good education and an amazing education. I wanted an amazing education; I wanted what I couldn’t have at the time, but I knew it could be mine if I worked hard enough.

I was selected to attend the University of Rochester on a full-ride scholarship through the Posse Scholar Program and support from the Earl Woods Scholar Program. Attending UR was the best decision I made, financially and personally, because of the opportunities I have gained within my research interests and things I want to accomplish on the path to earning a Ph.D.

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TGR Foundation leads DoD STEM Ambassador Program

DoD STEM, leader of the Defense STEM Education Consortium (DSEC), has recently chosen TGR Foundation to manage their DoD STEM Ambassador Program for the 2021-2022 academic year.

In September of 2021, TGR Foundation welcomed 16 STEM Ambassadors from across the United States. These highly qualified educators were selected from a wide applicant pool and come equipped with a variety and wealth of knowledge in STEM-related fields across the k-12 spectrum. 

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TGR Learning Lab celebrates ‘Sweet 16’, continues work with underserved youth

As I look back on the 16 years since the TGR Learning Lab opened its doors to students and families in Anaheim, California, I am immensely proud of the hard work, growth and student success that has taken place. Thousands of underserved students have walked through our doors into a safe space that has given them opportunities they might not have had otherwise. The Learning Lab has helped students find their passion and pursue it, experience innovation and foster creativity all while being supported by caring adults to mentor and guide them on their journey.

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Student Spotlight: Aspiring tech professional explores web development

At 16, Abigail Yun has already discovered a passion for technology and begun pursuing opportunities to gain experience and explore potential career paths.

In partnership with Bitwise Industries, TGR Foundation offered its students access to an eight-week pre-apprenticeship training and introduction to web development to teach the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. Upon completion of the training and high school graduation, participants would have an opportunity to join its paid apprenticeship.

After learning about the training, Abigail signed up immediately. We recently connected with her to learn more about her experience and career outlook.

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Scholar Voices: How mentorship helped make my NFL dream a reality

Being from a first-generation, low-income, foster youth background and a proud Chicana, the significance of college itself goes beyond my personal goals. I decided to attend Dartmouth College majoring in astronomy and physics with a minor in education because of the limitless opportunities that come with education here. I knew that Dartmouth College was going […]

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Beyond Borders: How Colombian students and educators experienced transformation through professional learning

As an educator, I have always felt powerful opportunities present themselves all the time, you just have to have your eyes open to see when they are coming and to understand that they are in fact opportunities. This was definitely the case when members of the TGR Foundation programs team learned about an opportunity to partner with the D.K. Kim Foundation to grow an education initiative based in Colombia. At this moment, I was not very familiar with Colombia and was eager to learn more and see if it might be a fit for our professional learning work.

As we met with Olga Lucia Parga Nates and Renee Cowan, of Kim Integrated Health Management Initiative and the D.K. Kim Foundation, respectively, it became clear they had a similar mission as TGR Foundation – to support communities in closing the opportunity gap. This first meeting was full of great ideas and lofty goals, but it wasn’t until I met some of the Colombian teachers, we could work with that it is was clear we needed to work with them!

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25 Years of Impact: UCI Resident Shares How TGR Foundation Supported His Path to Medicine

Dr. Timothy Vu immigrated from Vietnam to the Little Saigon community in Orange County 26 years ago. As he navigated life in America, he knew he could overcome his obstacles if he saw them as motivation to fuel his success.

With a network of support from family, teachers and TGR Foundation’s Earl Woods Scholar Program, Vu is the first person in his family to graduate high school, college, post-graduate school and become a working professional.

Currently residing in Garden Grove, Ca. with his parents and younger brother, Vu graduated UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in both Biology and English. He later completed medical school at the University of California, Irvine while simultaneously earning his Master’s in Business Administration.

Between shifts as an Internal Medicine Resident at UC Irvine Medical Center, Vu opened up about his path to medicine and the support he received along the way.  

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2021: A Year of Resilience

As we reflect on the many highlights of 2021 we can all acknowledge the change and revivals we experienced together. From advancements in medical approaches to the Coronavirus to the reopening of schools and businesses, this year gave us reasons to reflect where we’ve come from, celebrate how we moved forward and continue working toward a brighter future for everyone.

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Tiger and His Son Finish In Second Place At The PNC Championship

ORLANDO — The switch flipped around the turn. Tiger Woods had been in hit-and-giggle mode for the previous two-plus days of the PNC Championship, content to play a few shots and crack a few jokes. Let us not forget that the man nearly lost his leg in February. But Tiger felt better from the moment […]

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Tiger Woods’ Son Again Having The Time Of His Life Competing With His Dad

ORLANDO —This is Charlie Woods’ favorite week of the year. He’s the reason, it should be noted, that his dad is here. Tiger Woods cannot walk even a perfectly flat golf course right now. Tour-level competition is miles away. But he is here, wincing and carting and grimacing, because Charlie wants to be here. The […]

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