February 24, 2022

TGR Foundation leads DoD STEM Ambassador Program

DoD STEM, leader of the Defense STEM Education Consortium (DSEC), has recently chosen TGR Foundation to manage their DoD STEM Ambassador Program for the 2021-2022 academic year.

“TGR Foundation has been committed to STEM education for 25 years, both with students and teachers,” said Eric Moore, senior director of digital programs. “We’re proud to have the opportunity to manage the second year of the STEM Ambassador Program and expand our work with educators around the world.”

In September of 2021, TGR Foundation welcomed 16 STEM Ambassadors from across the United States. These highly qualified educators were selected from a wide applicant pool and come equipped with a variety and wealth of knowledge in STEM-related fields across the k-12 spectrum.

Among the 16 Ambassadors are two of TGR Foundation’s own Ambassadors and previous STEM Studio participants Lisa Blank and Patty Brunet. Patty Brunet is also a TGR Foundation Master Trainer and continues to engage with our trainings each year.

Throughout the program, Ambassadors participate in a variety of professional development and community building including collecting educational resources in collaboration with a partner organization, presenting in a conference of choice, blogging about educational resources in connection with DoD STEM opportunities and more.

“Through our new leadership of the program we facilitate the monthly sessions and professional development, manage all partner organizations, provide assistance in developing resources and conference proposals, connect the ambassadors to DoD STEM and external resources, and report on program success to DoD STEM,” added Moore. “It’s a great responsibility and opportunity to build on our work with educators.”

During their commitment to the program, these STEM Ambassadors engage in professional learning opportunities that emphasize the DoD STEM focus including transdisciplinary learning, work-based learning and computational literacy. As managers of the program, TGR Foundation developed a community practice calendars to help Ambassadors create new content creation, prepare for local conferences and develop their skills as education leaders. Ambassadors also get an opportunity to work with and hear from other DoD STEM partners as they connect to their local ecosystems, test technologies and gain new resources

Monthly community of practice sessions infuse the Foundation’s STEM Studio core principles including collaboration, hands-on learning, inquiry-based approaches, visible thinking practices and an entrepreneurial mindset. These principles create an environment of creativity and growth as Ambassadors engage in all aspects of the program.

The STEM Ambassador program follows an academic year from September through August. TGR Foundation is excited to continue this work to engage educators and students in more high-quality STEM experiences through these incredible Ambassadors and dynamic DSEC partnerships.


About DoD STEM

The Defense STEM Education Consortium was formed in 2018 to address recommendations outlined in the Federal STEM Strategic Plan:

  • Build strong foundations for STEM literacy
  • Increase diversity, equity and inclusion in STEM, and
  • Prepare the STEM workforce for the future.

For more information, visit dodstem.us.