March 22, 2022

TGR Foundation, Discovery Education launch free educator professional learning series 

TGR Foundation is excited to launch a new educator professional learning series on its free digital platform, TGR EDU: Explore. Comprised of six no-cost modules, the series provides educators of all levels and experiences with tools and resources to create authentic, student-centered learning opportunities that help students connect to real-world STEM careers.

Working with Discovery Education, TGR Foundation set out make professional learning opportunities more accessible so educators can learn at their own pace. With a wide variety of tools and resources already available on the award-winning TGR EDU: Explore platform, expanding the professional learning resources through the series was a natural fit.

Each module explores effective teaching strategies, interactive lessons, assessments and actionable next steps – including a takeaway tool that can be implemented in the classroom right away. In addition, a field, government or education expert is profiled, along with a TGR Foundation facilitator, through short video segments.


Although the modules build and supplement one another, each can be complete based on the educator’s interests and desired areas of growth. Topics include interdisciplinary learning, student centered learning, student engagement, inquiry and deep thinking and take a deep dive to set a foundation, explore areas for improvement and showcase a real-world application.

Module #1: (Re)Defining STEM

  • Key components of effective STEM education
  • Why STEM is more than an acronym
  • How an English teacher adopted a STEM mindset and transformed her teaching practices

Module #2: Interdisciplinary Learning: Making Connections

  • How interdisciplinary learning can help students develop critical skills
  • Ways to transform lessons or units by incorporating multiple disciplines
  • How a DoD STEM engineer approaches her work through an interdisciplinary lens

Module #3: Bringing Students Back to the Center

  • How a student-centered learning environment can shift how students share and acquire knowledge
  • How student-centered learning can take place in organic ways
  • How one student’s education journey was impacted by a shift to a student-centered learning approach

Module #4: (Re)Defining Student Engagement

  • How the ways we measure and think about student engagement are outdated
  • How learning environments lacking student engagement can be harmful to the student experience.
  • How Los Angeles STEM instructor transformed her class environment and students’ expectations through student engagement strategies


Module #5: Creating an Inquiry Mindset

  • How authentic inquiry practices can help students develop interest, uncover information, and lead to lasting understanding.
  • why asking questions is a skill
  • How teachers and students can use inquiry on their inquiry journeys.
  • How a communication strategist implements inquiry in their day-to-day responsibilities

Module #6: Deep Thinking for Lifelong Learning

  • How to support students in becoming deep thinkers, so that they have the necessary skills to make full use of their academic gains to pursue life beyond the classroom.
  • Why deep thinking is critical for students to thrive in the 21st century world
  • How an entrepreneur uses deep thinking to drive success

Upon completion of each of the six modules in the series and demonstration of the topics covered through evaluation activities, educators earn a certificate to recognize their course milestones.

The complete series is now live and open to all educators at For more information on other in-person and digital professional learning opportunities, visit


TGR Foundation’s Professional Learning series is provided with with support from DoD STEM.  To learn more about DoD STEM resourcesand opportunities, visit