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TGR Foundation, Discovery Education launch free educator professional learning series 

TGR Foundation is excited to launch a new educator professional learning series on its free digital platform, TGR EDU: Explore. Comprised of six no-cost modules, the series provides educators of all levels and experiences with tools and resources to create authentic, student-centered learning opportunities that help students connect to real-world STEM careers.

Working with Discovery Education, TGR Foundation set out make professional learning opportunities more accessible so educators can learn at their own pace. With a wide variety of tools and resources already available on the award-winning TGR EDU: Explore platform, expanding the professional learning resources through the series was a natural fit.

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25 Years of Impact: How TGR Foundation is achieving Tiger Woods’ vision through digital programs  

With TGR Learning Lab campuses and the renowned Earl Woods Scholar Program impacting students across the country, TGR Foundation had established itself as a leader in STEM education and college-access by 2016. In spite of countless student success stories at that time, our founder, Tiger Woods, wanted to achieve more and set a goal to reach millions of students around the world. To reach that goal – in years, not decades – TGR Foundation began working to build a digital presence from the ground up.

We started by asking driving questions including and them with the launch of TGREDUExplore.org, a free platform developed in partnership with Discovery Education.

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TGR Foundation celebrates two million students reached through education programs

After years of reaching young people across the country through education and youth development programs, Tiger Woods challenged his foundation “to make bold choices, explore unchartered territory and reach millions of kids around the world.” Now in its 25th anniversary year, TGR Foundation has met his challenge and celebrates two million students reached.

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TGR Foundation expands programs, impact during pandemic

As the nation transitioned to social distancing and remote living in response to COVID-19, student learning was an important concern. Using more than 20 years of experience, TGR Foundation responded quickly and continued serving our community of students, educators and families.

As we reflect on our virtual spring and summer programs over the last five months, and head into a new academic year, we’re proud of what we have achieved and motivated to continue our efforts to empower youth through education.

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Embracing the present and future of education: 7 tips to master remote learning

This year since the transition to remote learning, I’ve consistently read and heard about the failure of remote learning and how students will continue to fall further and further behind because teaching can’t happen without a classroom.

We are at an inflection point, one that challenges teachers, and everyone in education, to not succumb to the way things used to be, but instead, give voice and energy to what can be for each and every classroom around the country. Now is the time to create new spaces for learning – without fear of failure.

We encouraged our TGR Learning Lab educators to experiment during their summer virtual classes, and they learned seven practices that proved to be effective in remote learning environments.

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TGR Foundation launches e-learning series for educators, website redesign

TGR EDU: Explore has seen a face-lift as the free digital platform developed in partnership with TGR Foundation and Discovery Education relaunched on Thursday, May 28 and debuted the first of a new six-part e-learning series for educators. Adding to the 40+ resources on the site including interactive web experiences, lesson plans, training videos and […]

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TGR Foundation provides free digital learning amid school closures 

With the doors to schools and academic institutions closed to stop the spread of COVID-19,  TGR Foundation understands the challenges that students, parents and educators are facing as they navigate the  world of distance learning.  The resources offered through our  no-cost  digital platform,  TGR EDU: Explore,  will help parents-turned-educators and education professionals  alike  keep students engaged until schools are back in session and beyond.    

Lessons engage participants in relevant disciplines and related 21st-century careers, with content ranging from animal ancestry and life science to astronomy, engineering, video game design and more.  

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Five ways to engage your youth beyond golf at The Genesis Invitational

The Genesis Invitational was designed with families in mind. With proceeds from the tournament benefitting TGR Foundation, the flagship TGR Learning Lab will bring the award-winning curricula and engaging activities designed at the lab to Family Village throughout the tournament. Located near three green and 15 tee, the onsite TGR Learning Lab powered by CDW, Microsoft Surface and Tech Fore! Kids has activities planned for youth of all ages.

Follow the five tips below to enhance your family’s experience at The Genesis Invitational.

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Six Ways to Enhance your STEM curricula with TGR EDU: Explore

Each year in classrooms around the world educators connect students to knowledge, skills and experiences that lead to significant impact in their lives and communities.

For more than 24 years TGR Foundation has worked to empower youth through education and help them discover, develop and pursue their passions. A variety of free programs and resources at the flagship TGR Learning Lab and satellite sites across the country have driven transformation in teachers, facilitators, students and education.

TGR EDU: Explore was designed to expand use of the TGR Learning Lab’s award-winning curricula and experiences and make it accessible through the click of a mouse or the tap of a finger. With the six tips below educators can heighten their science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) curricula and student engagement with resources and practices that have been tested and proven successful for over a decade.

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Year of Significance: How TGR excelled in 2019 and what’s in store for the new decade

Significant.  That’s a word that really describes this year, for TGR Foundation and certainly for Tiger.  Our work and Tiger’s success inspired members of our community, young and old, to think of new possibilities. There were many achievements that made 2019 significant.

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TGR EDU: Explore makes summer learning accessible

At TGR Foundation, learning doesn’t stop when the school bell sounds or the academic year ends. Through our science, technology, engineering, math (STEM) and college access online curricula, students and educators alike can continue their learning on their own time and terms.

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TGR EDU: Explore launches new digital module covering animal ancestry

When asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, a common response from young students interested in animals is “a veterinarian.”  Although becoming a veterinarian is a noble and valued profession, one that certainly appeals to a wide range of people, both young and old, more often than not students are simply unaware of the vast opportunities available to them in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields that align directly with their passions. Opportunities that can advance human understanding of complex issues, provide life-saving research or solve difficult problems.   

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Celebrating Earth Day with TGR EDU: Explore’s Magnetic Migration Lesson

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by investigating the migration patterns of animals. Magnetic Migration, our engaging, hands-on lesson from TGR EDU: Explore, highlights animals’ abilities to navigate using Earth’s magnetic field. In recent years, scientists have gathered evidence to determine how animals use Earth’s magnetic field as a way to survival. This […]

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TGR Foundation celebrates National Financial Literacy Month, offers free resources

It’s that time of year again, when many high school seniors across the country eagerly and anxiously await college acceptance letters. With a May 1stcollege selection deadline, students not only have to decide where they would like to spend their next four years of higher education but how to pay for it.April marks National Financial Literacy Month and we’re highlighting free resources from TGR Foundation’s digital initiative, TGR EDU: Explore, to guide students and families through the often-times overwhelming and confusing financial aid process.

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TGR EDU: Explore lesson prepares students for scholarship application process

The college application process is multi-faceted. For many students deciding which institution to attend is a challenge that is often coupled with how they will fund their education and other associated expenses.Although there are numerous resources and options for financial aid, many teens and families don’t know where to begin. TGR EDU: Explore aims to reduce the gap in financial aid and access to higher education by addressing scholarships as a critical element of the application process. It’s latest college-access lesson, Scholarship Case Study: Reducing the Gap, guides educators as they reverse the roles of students to help them learn best practices for college applications and how to implement them.

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TGR Foundation selected to strengthen national K-16 STEM education, outreach

TGR Foundation is excited to announce a partnership with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) to drive forward its mission to encourage students to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The Department of Defense’s recently-launched Defense STEM Education Consortium (DSEC) will strengthen kindergarten through college STEM education and outreach programs across the United States.

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New TGR EDU: Explore lesson introduces biotechnology through Zika Virus studies

TGR Foundation has been busy since the start of the new year developing fresh content for educators across the country to use in their classrooms. One of our newest TGR EDU: Explore resources, Beating Mosquitoes at Their Own Game, introduces high school students to the exciting field of biotechnology.

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Traveling, speaking and collaborating for future education equity: A report from the road

Creating an equitable future requires attention to the signals around us every day. In a world brimming with global competition, rapid technological advancements and growing disparities in academic achievement across the nation, the signals appear in the news every day. October presented me with multiple opportunities to travel, share and learn about different approaches in teaching science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education, transformation efforts and the future of working and learning. With each new destination it was clear that change in our education systems is necessary and through committed organizations, collective efforts and strategic partnerships it will happen.

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TGR EDU: Explore sends “Robots to the Rescue” in new Digital Exploration

From what they look like to what they can do, robots have fascinated people for decades. In our latest TGR EDU: Explore digital exploration, Robots to the Rescue, robots transition from fascinating to functional. The free interactive session takes students on a journey to California and Hawaii on a strategic mission to assist in the recovery of natural hazards. In the digital module, available now, students will explore the science behind natural hazards and their processes to understand how they become natural disasters.

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Expanded Learning Program engages students beyond school at TGR Learning Lab

Although classes are back in session in many communities across the nation, learning doesn’t have to end as the bell sounds at the end of the school day. The Expanded Learning Program at the TGR Learning Lab welcomes middle and high school students in Anaheim, CA to the safe halls of our facility to benefit from academic support and hands-on learning experiences.

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