February 01, 2022

Student Spotlight: Aspiring tech professional explores web development

At 16, Abigail Yun has already discovered a passion for technology and begun pursuing opportunities to gain experience and explore potential career paths.

In partnership with Bitwise Industries, TGR Foundation offered its students access to an eight-week pre-apprenticeship training and introduction to web development to teach the fundamentals of HTML and CSS. Upon completion of the training and high school graduation, participants would have an opportunity to join its paid apprenticeship.

After learning about the training, Abigail signed up immediately. We recently connected with her to learn more about her experience and career outlook.

Abigail Yun participates in a Bitwise Industries Pre-Apprenticeship course developed in partnership with TGR Foundation to help her explore web development and potential careers.


TGR Foundation: Why did you decide to participate in the Bitwise Workforce Training pre-apprenticeship class?

Abigail Yun: I found out about this class from an email my district sent out. I read it and thought it sounded interesting, so I signed up.


TGRF: What sparked your interest in web development?

AY: I want to have a career in the technology industry, so I wanted to see if web development was a good fit for me.


TGRF: Tell us about your experience taking the class.

AY: The class was both entertaining and educational. I knew nothing about web development before taking the class, but now I know how to create a website on my own. The final project was my favorite because I had 100% control over it. We had to make a website about anything. It was so fun making what was in my head; mine was about TXT.

Abigail’s website brings STEAM to life as she used her coding skills to develop a website sharing her favorite artist and top songs.

TGRF: How did the class support your exploration of potential technology careers?

AY: I want to work with technology, and this class made me want to look into other programs and see what they have to offer. I think I would pursue web development as a career path, but I want to try out every single technology path before I choose.


TGRF: What other technology careers are you interested in?

AY: I’m taking Graphic Communications as an elective, and I am having a super fun time.


TGRF: How will you use the skills you gained in the class?

AY: I will use the skills I gained from class to make personal projects and put them in my portfolio when I am applying for other internships or future jobs.


TGRF: What are your hobbies beyond your academic and career endeavors?

AY: Some of my hobbies include painting and video games, especially Genshin.


This training was provided in collaboration with Bitwise Industries and is among many career exploration and skills development opportunities offered through the TGR Learning Lab. For more information on our free programs, resources and upcoming events, visit TGRFoundation.org.