December 21, 2021

2021: A Year of Resilience

As we reflect on the many highlights of 2021 we can all acknowledge the change and revivals we experienced together. From advancements in medical approaches to the Coronavirus to the reopening of schools and businesses, this year gave us reasons to reflect on where we’ve come from, celebrate how we moved forward and continue working toward a brighter future for everyone. 

At TGR Foundation, the celebration of our 25th year anniversary was a constant reminder of what we can achieve when we work together. It also served as our inflection point in the continued commitment to our work and pathway forward to fulfill our mission and vision. 

We have the great responsibility and privilege of guiding and preparing the next generation of students for their future. I know we are as committed as ever to making that happen.

Completing my first calendar year as President and CEO, I am proud of everyone on my staff who adjusted to change and the challenges of the pandemic with the best interest of our students and constituents in mind. Our teaching and learning team swiftly adapted to the needs of our students and educators. We continued to provide free programs and resources online in addition to returning many of our programs to in-person and hybrid formats.  

Our TGR Live team developed creative ways to execute events in support of our programs while keeping guests safe and connected to our mission. Our employees also adopted a hybrid working environment as we safely welcomed them back into our facilities and offices for collaboration beyond computer screens. 

One of our greatest highlights of 2021 lies in the partnerships we’ve built as we continue our mission to empower youth through education. The Pathways Forward initiative welcomed partners with innovative opportunities and solutions to challenges students and educators face. 

Closing out the year with yet another comeback, our founder, Tiger Woods, showed the world tremendous perseverance from a tragic accident as he returned to Albany, Bahamas to host our annual Hero World Challenge before joining his son Charlie at the PNC Championship. His determination and resilience inspires us as we continue to work toward his vision of reaching millions of youth around the world. 

Looking ahead to 2022, we are excited about the reopening of our flagship TGR Learning Lab, following the completion of renovations, and the return of all TGR Live events. We are also excited about several new partnerships and programs that will continue to serve our students, educators and families on their paths to personal and professional success. 

As we build on 25 years of impact, the support from our community of donors, partners and volunteers will continue to shape our work moving forward. 


Building student success for 25 years.