March 15, 2022

Anaheim Union High School District partners with TGR Foundation, invests in educators  

As educators face challenges of distance learning and look for strategies to keep students engaged in virtual, in-person and hybrid class formats, TGR Foundation’s four-part series of STEM Studio trainings provided a solution with a domestic launch in Anaheim, CA. In close proximity, to the foundation’s flagship TGR Learning Lab, many Anaheim Union High School District educators had already been connected to our programs.  

In the summer of 2021, the cohort model was launched with a group of teachers from Dale, Sycamore, Orangewood and Walker junior high schools participating in Virtual STEM Studio One, Inquiry Mindset. From there we have continued working with cohorts from Dale that have moved forward in our Inquiry Pathway to a second Inquiry Workshop, Making Thinking Visible.   

Beyond enhanced skills and resources, the connections with other educators are a highlight of the program for many participants.  

“TGR Foundation’s training has not only given me tools that I can use in my own classroom, but also gave me an opportunity to communicate, collaborate and learn from other wonderful educators who were participating in the training with me,” said Alexis Chorn. 

The Teachers from Dale have been applying new inquiry practices to their school-wide project-based learning initiative. The projects produced by their students will be showcased at an annual family and community event in April 2022.   

Many educators were familiar with best practices covered in the workshops but lacked time and confidence to implement them.  

“As a science teacher, I always want to promote inquiry and exploration in the classroom,” said Courtney Wolf. “This workshop has given me the time to come up with new, creative ways to engage my students. The inquiry cycle fits well with the 5C’s and allows students to expand their skills.”   

This cohort of teachers will continue with our Inquiry Pathway with STEM Studio Three: Creating an Inquiry Environment and STEM Studio Four: Entrepreneurial Mindset during the summer of 2022.  

We are excited to be a part of Dale Junior High’s journey toward providing students with the skills to create, innovate and solve problems while making connections to real-world issues.  Students are being prepared with the skills necessary for success in academics and career readiness.  


STEM Studio is provided through partnerships with local school districts with support from DoD STEM and Southern California Edison. For more information visit 


Holly Dennard is the Director of professional learning at TGR Foundation. Before her role at the foundation, she taught informal science as an elementary educator.  Holly is passionate about helping educators discover new possibilities while enhancing their skills. Connect with her on LinkedIn.