March 30, 2022

Scholar Voices: Why I chose to start my path to becoming a doctor at Brown University

Through personal outreach, an internship with the American Heart Association and personal health adversities in my family, I found an interest in cardiology. As I learned how crucial the heart, lungs and their connecting vessels are to human health, I developed a desire to help those in need of heart and lung operations.

During my junior year, I had the absolute honor of being accepted into QuestBridge’s College Prep Scholars and the Earl Woods Scholar Program. I saw an immense connection in the way the resources from both programs were distinct, yet both were critical in constructing me as a strong holistic candidate. The Earl Woods Scholar Program provided an unmatched individualistic and personalized support system wherein I had mentors and advisors that I could turn to at any time. It was set to help me achieve any vehicle for success, in my case both the QuestBridge and UC processes. Anybody who’s seen the work of the EWSP can vouch for the fact that all staff involved are the most dedicated and hardworking people.

The individual care from the EWSP coupled with the knowledge from QuestBridge’s prep program helped me hone down my application to ultimately reach my accomplishment. It felt so satisfying and amazing because, to me, I was paying forward the time and effort that the EWSP put into securing my education. It was very heartwarming and wholesome to feel like I made those who helped me proud.

In identifying my top colleges, I first had a narrow scope on the QuestBridge schools to make sure I knew my ranking order.

My personal criteria were:
• How strong is the program for my major?
• Is the location near sufficient internship and work opportunities?
• Is the environment ethnically diverse?
• Is research valued at the institution?

All of these questions made my list more and more narrow until I settled on my ranking list. I am proud to state that I will be attending Brown University! The reason why I chose to rank Brown through QuestBridge’s match process is because Brown is

  1. a research institution that still has several liberal arts values such as freedom of exploration through their open curriculum and smaller class sizes.
  2.  in an area that has the large city of Providence with lots of work/internship opportunities, but isn’t too far away from calm hills and relaxing beaches.
  3. in a cold environment. I love the cold!

Some other factors include Brown’s beautiful campus and close proximity to other exciting cities such as Boston and New York.

I went into my applications seeking majors that promote a level of specificity, rather than abstractness, to thought. I knew from the start that I would major in a STEM area as I am interested in taking the Pre-Med track. My two greatest interests are Biology, which I often find too abstract and general at times, and Chemistry, which I often find too concrete and calculation-oriented. When perusing through Brown’s majors, I was ecstatic to see Biochemistry because, to me, it is a fascinating middle ground that targets the concrete level of interactions in a life context. Aside from my major, I plan to minor in Business.

In my college career, I am definitely looking most forward to the level of independence that will be demanded of me. I understand that in college there is a ton of responsibility and am excited to see how much my skills of balance and delegation improve through college life. I am also excited about the active organizations or societies I will be able to join at Brown.

Post-graduation, my career aspirations lie in the medical field; I am striving toward becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon. After my years of performing cardiothoracic surgery, my goal is to open my own hospital, clinic or medical foundation with a focus on providing equitable health care and pro bono operations to low-income/first-generation families. I hope through my career aspirations I get to give back to my community.

I have already set out to use my college and education experience to impact my community to give free essay reads and individual mentoring to any juniors applying for QuestBridge or the Earl Woods Scholar Program. To be able to give back in this way and be of use to my first-generation family is a blessing and fulfilling goal that I will only seek to expand even more, with medical implications, when I establish my first-generation-focused hospital.