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College Bound Academy prepares high school seniors for path to higher education

As high school seniors approach the end of an era and work toward their college and career goals, getting started can often be overwhelming. This summer students across the country gathered for three sessions of our annual College Bound Academy. Through the program, more than sixty students participated in various workshops and activities to gain […]

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Tiger Woods’ Emotional Week At St. Andrews Ends Early

ST. ANDREWS, Scotland — The party was over before it even began. Tiger Woods’ first tee shot of the 150th Open Championship found the middle of the fairway but rolled into a fresh divot. Then: gust of wind, bounce into the burn, double bogey. That famous Mike Tyson quote came to mind. Everyone has a […]

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Tiger Woods’ Old Course Return Started With A Bad Break

ST. ANDREWS, Scotland — Everything has led to this. The catchphrase plastered all over the Old Course signage this week refers to golf as a whole; St. Andrews being the birthplace and residence of the game, and this being the 150th playing of the Open Championship, this week does indeed feel like the culmination of […]

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Pre-College Retreat prepared freshmen Earl Woods Scholars for success 

Each summer before freshmen Earl Woods Scholars begin their collegiate journeys, the program’s pre-college retreat, designed to prepare them for success, provides an array of information and resources throughout the three-day experience.  


Joining three cohorts of 18 students from southern California and Washington D.C., the retreat took place primarily at the flagship TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, CA.  

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TGR Foundation exposes elementary students to computer science, Raspberry Pi

With support from Broadcom Foundation, TGR Foundation partnered with the Centralia Elementary School District to pilot a two-week course introducing fifth and sixth graders to computer science using the Raspberry Pi. From February through May, TGR Foundation’s flagship TGR Learning Lab instructors were joined by Centralia Elementary School District access coordinators to visit all schools in the district and implement the curriculum with students. Through the program, more than a thousand students were exposed to computer science concepts and developed computer science skills using the Raspberry Pi.

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Scholar Voices: My path to becoming an NBA Project Engineer

As a basketball fan, I was always curious about working for the National Basketball Association. The paths to NBA careers beyond the court aren’t as visible as those like Facebook or Google, but I believed it was possible if I built my experience and connections.

My job search process was untraditional for careers in the technology industry. The positions I thought I’d receive a response from, I didn’t, but I received unexpected interest from several companies including the NBA. I found my position through LinkedIn, and a recruiter contacted me for an interview. I went through a swift interview process that ended with an offer I accepted. After finishing my master’s program and taking a well-needed break, I began my role as a Project Software Engineer on the Stats Technology Product Development team.

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Scholar Voices: Celebrating the class of 2022  

As I approached graduation and reflected on the Earl Woods Scholar class of 2022, it became clear to me that the story of our college experience is one of resilience.

Each of us has endured countless struggles and tragedies and emerged much stronger and wiser. We have overcome every single obstacle that has come our way, from national distress to a global pandemic. Each of us is so much more than the worst thing we’ve ever experienced and nothing, not even the most formidable forces, can keep us down.

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TGR Foundation provides free summer learning opportunities for students, educators

As the 2021-2022 academic year comes to a close, TGR Foundation is gearing up for another busy summer, filled with activities for students and educators.

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Tiger Woods’ Cut-Making 69 Was A Masterclass In The Art Of The Grind

TULSA — Tiger Woods fought because that’s what Tiger Woods does. He limped and he clawed, grimaced and grunted—and for what? For himself. Woods had zero to prove and little to gain from squeaking by the cut at this PGA Championship and trudging through two more excruciating rounds. A normal person would’ve taken a double […]

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Tiger Struggles In Opening Round Of The PGA Championship

TULSA — The game has changed, but Tiger Woods’ strategy has not. His body and his personality have, but his strategy has not. Woods would’ve 2-ironed his way around Southern Hills on Thursday at the PGA Championship with two perfect legs, and he 2-ironed his way around Southern Hills on Thursday with two surgically rebuilt […]

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TGR Foundation offers free educator professional learning in partnership with DoD STEM  

Through its ongoing partnership with DoD STEM, TGR Foundation recently opened registration to STEM Studio, virtual educator professional learning sessions offered at no cost in the summer of 2022.  

 There will be two sessions available for first-time STEM Studio participants taking place 9 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. PDT, daily June 21 – 23 and June 28 – 30. These sessions will cover practices to build an Inquiry Mindset in their teaching and students’ approach to learning.  

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Tiger Walks Away From Augusta With Hope

AUGUSTA, Ga. —The patrons formed a tunnel of pure adulation and serenaded their limping hero. Those who couldn’t elbow their way to high-five territory gathered just behind the press-only section, desperate to milk every last second of their proximity to Tiger Woods. Five greencoats mingled just outside the scoring area, looking for someone to chat […]

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Woods’ Comeback Week Stalled Due To Putting On Saturday

AUGUSTA, Ga. — “Should” means diddly-squat in this game, but putting “should” be the easy part. There’s no pushing off required. No coiling, no side-bending, no need to move “ballistically,” as Tiger Woods put it Friday. Just let the arms hang loose, rock the shoulders, feel the speed with your hands. Plus, he’s spent countless […]

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Tiger Woods Starts Friday Slow, Finishes Strong And Can’t Wait To See What The Weekend Holds

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Augusta National punched Tiger Woods in the face, which is pretty rude considering the state of his leg. Woods wobbled amid a three-club wind and got off to a putrid start during Friday’s second round: four bogeys in his first five holes, and the one par came on a par 5 he […]

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Tiger Woods’ Heart And Mind Win Out In Gritty Return

AUGUSTA, Ga. — Had it been the 18th tee of Pebble Beach instead of Augusta National, the violent snipe-hook Tiger Woods hit would’ve dove into the Pacific. At Bethpage Black it would’ve careened into a vortex of bunkers. At Pinehurst, Woods might still be in the trees on a quixotic search for a punch-out window. […]

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How volunteers impact TGR Foundation’s students, programs and mission

Over the past two years serving as the volunteer coordinator, I have interacted with the TGR Learning Lab volunteers and interns, from recruitment to supervision. I have enjoyed the working relationships that have blossomed. My philosophy when supervising anyone is to allow meaningful interactions and effective communication. By doing so, I have gained much knowledge of who our volunteers are, what their goals are and what ambitions they have. Doing this allows me to be more knowledgeable about how to support them in their roles best and share any opportunities that will enable them to grow and prosper.  

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Scholar Voices: Why I chose to start my path to becoming a doctor at Brown University

Through personal outreach, an internship with the American Heart Association and personal health adversities in my family, I found an interest in cardiology. As I learned how crucial the heart, lungs and their connecting vessels are to human health, I developed a desire to help those in need of heart and lung operations.

During my junior year, I had the absolute honor of being accepted into QuestBridge’s College Prep Scholars and the Earl Woods Scholar Program. I saw an immense connection in the way the resources from both programs were distinct, yet both were critical in constructing me as a strong holistic candidate. The Earl Woods Scholar Program provided an unmatched individualistic and personalized support system wherein I had mentors and advisors that I could turn to at any time. It was set to help me achieve any vehicle for success, in my case both the QuestBridge and UC processes. Anybody who’s seen the work of the EWSP can vouch for the fact that all staff involved are the most dedicated and hardworking people.

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TGR Foundation, Discovery Education launch free educator professional learning series 

TGR Foundation is excited to launch a new educator professional learning series on its free digital platform, TGR EDU: Explore. Comprised of six no-cost modules, the series provides educators of all levels and experiences with tools and resources to create authentic, student-centered learning opportunities that help students connect to real-world STEM careers.

Working with Discovery Education, TGR Foundation set out make professional learning opportunities more accessible so educators can learn at their own pace. With a wide variety of tools and resources already available on the award-winning TGR EDU: Explore platform, expanding the professional learning resources through the series was a natural fit.

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Anaheim Union High School District partners with TGR Foundation, invests in educators  

As educators face challenges of distance learning and look for strategies to keep students engaged in virtual, in-person and hybrid class formats, TGR Foundation’s four-part series of STEM Studio trainings provided a solution with a domestic launch in Anaheim, CA. In close proximity, to the foundation’s flagship TGR Learning Lab, many Anaheim Union High School District educators had already been connected to our programs.  

 In the summer of 2021, the cohort model was launched with a group of teachers from Dale, Sycamore, Orangewood and Walker junior high schools participating in Virtual STEM Studio One, Inquiry Mindset. From there we have continued working with cohorts from Dale that have moved forward in our Inquiry Pathway to a second Inquiry Workshop, Making Thinking Visible.   

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Scholar Voices: How my research will resolve issues, support African American Community

Growing up as a low-income minority student attending an impoverished high school, it was easy to see the separations between a good education and an amazing education. I wanted an amazing education; I wanted what I couldn’t have at the time, but I knew it could be mine if I worked hard enough.

I was selected to attend the University of Rochester on a full-ride scholarship through the Posse Scholar Program and support from the Earl Woods Scholar Program. Attending UR was the best decision I made, financially and personally, because of the opportunities I have gained within my research interests and things I want to accomplish on the path to earning a Ph.D.

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