February 11, 2020

Five ways to engage your youth beyond golf at The Genesis Invitational

The Genesis Invitational was designed with families in mind. With proceeds from the tournament benefitting TGR Foundation, the flagship TGR Learning Lab will bring the award-winning curricula and engaging activities designed at the lab to Family Village throughout the tournament. Located near three green and 15 tee, the onsite TGR Learning Lab powered by CDW, Microsoft Surface and Tech Fore! Kids has activities planned for youth of all ages.

Follow the five tips below to enhance your family’s experience at The Genesis Invitational.

1 . Capture the memories.

Photography is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to capture moments at The Genesis Invitational and cherish them for years to come. During their visit, guests can pose for their best shots in a photo booth with available props to add to the fun.


The photo booth was a popular attraction for all ages during the 2019 tournament.
  1. Get Graphic.

Graphic Design can take creativity to a new level as artists manipulate photos and images to develop new creations.

Like students in the TGR Learning Lab afterschool program, The Genesis Invitational visitors will have the opportunity to bring their vision to life by designing a post card using Microsoft Surface tablets. After completing the card, young designers can keep a digital sample of their work for their portfolios.

  1. Get on the ball.

As TGR Foundation empowers youth to discover, develop and pursue their passions, exposure and exploration ignites students into new territories. Using laser cutting technology, youth at the TGR Learning Lab powered by CDW, Microsoft Surface and Tech Fore! Kids will witness the machine in action and learn about the process of using this modern tool.

Young golfers will walk away with a ball marker cut by the machine and customized with a design of their choice. The ball markers can be used when practicing golf shots on the range or putting greens.

  1. Step up your STEM Game.

STEM careers are soaring into the future. The TGR Learning Lab offers different levels of video game design courses that allow students to learn how to take game ideas from concept to reality.


After building a balanced, free-standing tower at 22 centimeters tall, Danny won the Tower Challenge and earned a signature TGR Learning Lab #STEMisLife T-shirt during the 2019 tournament.

The Gaming Station will feature video games designed by students in our advanced class and challenge new players to break records.

Through a Tower Challenge, young visitors will use materials provided to build the highest free-standing structure balanced on one small, wooden cube. Participants will have the option to work in pairs. Each day of the tournament at 2 p.m., the highest structure will be recognized. 

  1. Explore the galaxy in the world of golf.

Bringing astronomy to the golf course, the Mission to Mars activity will allow students to explore the dangers of UV light. Through several investigations, participants will discover materials used to protect astronauts when building their suits and visors for space missions using UV beads. Students will have the option to keep custom UV bead bracelets to remind them of the dangers of UV light and provide a tangible prop to share what they learned.

From astronauts to rocketry, students will have the opportunity to learn about forces of flight that determine trajectory and accuracy of rocket launches through a Rocket Challenge. In a series of design sessions, participants will create rockets to test fin shapes, launch angles and force trajectories and improve their accuracy with each round. They will finish the challenge after three launches into a staged galaxy, with a better understanding of the four forces of flight including thrust, drag, weight and lift as staff guides and supports them through the activity.

After the golf exhibition on youth day, students flocked to Family Village to participate in activities including Mission to Mars. Custom UV bracelets, as shown above, were one of many takeaways for visiting students.

Activities facilitated throughout The Genesis Invitational at the TGR Learning Lab powered by CDW, Microsoft Surface and Tech Fore! Kids showcases the skills developed and support delivered through the flagship TGR Learning Lab and satellites across the country. The Genesis Invitational funds the future, making it possible for TGR Foundation to continue to empower students to pursue their passions through education.

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