October 18, 2018

TGR EDU: Explore sends “Robots to the Rescue” in new Digital Exploration

From what they look like to what they can do, robots have fascinated people for decades. In our latest TGR EDU: Explore digital exploration, Robots to the Rescue, robots transition from fascinating to functional. The free interactive session takes students on a journey to California and Hawaii on a strategic mission to assist in the recovery of natural hazards.

In the digital module, available now, students will explore the science behind natural hazards and their processes to understand how they become natural disasters. After gaining an understanding of how these phenomena happen, participants will learn how robots can be used to support scientists in monitoring events and aid in search and rescue efforts.

Students will also learn the functions of different components and sensors on robots such as gyro sensors, infrared cameras, underwater propellers and ultrasonic sensors which will help them complete the tasks within their mission as a member of a Natural Hazards Rapid Response Team.

With their knowledge of robot components and sensors, students will engage in simulated programming activities involving the use of block-based programming to provide 24-hour drone surveillance and reliable updates to residents near an active volcano in Hawaii. Following this, upon learning about the impact of a major earthquake in California, students will program a robot to locate and deliver first aid to people trapped in a building.

After completion of the mission, students will be exposed to professionals within different career areas who are involved in preventing and managing the aftermath of natural disasters including military services, communications, meteorology, software development and robotics engineering.

The Robots to the Rescue module emphasizes the science behind natural disasters and how they can impact humans, our society and the landscapes of the Earth.  And, through the application of technology and engineering in a variety of exciting careers, people can continue to study natural phenomena and take measures to protect communities from physical and financial harm.

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