December 26, 2019

Year of Significance: How TGR excelled in 2019 and what’s in store for the new decade

“A life isn’t significant except for its

impact on other lives.” 



Significant.  That’s a word that really describes this year, for TGR Foundation and certainly for Tiger.  Our work and Tiger’s success inspired members of our community, young and old, to think of new possibilities.

There were many achievements that made 2019  significant. Let’s start with Tiger who won his 5th Masters, 15th major and  82nd PGA TOUR win, tying for the most victories in TOUR history. He was also the captain of the U.S. Team at the Presidents Cup, where he was the best player in the field while motivating the team to come back for the win on the final day. It was an amazing year filled with superb play, grit and determination. I’m sure Tiger will look back on this year as truly significant one- the year that his remarkable comeback was complete.  But he didn’t just come back to compete, he came back to resume his place as the best player in the game. It took the drive and perseverance Tiger has always exhibited to make that happen. And in doing so, he showed the world that anything is possible.

Rick Singer, President and CEO, and Tiger Woods, founder, celebrate elevation of Los Angeles Tournament to The Genesis Invitational.

Tiger has always set an example for TGR Foundation and 2019 was no exception. In 2015, we set ambitious goals to dramatically increase our impact as part of our five-year plan. We have now achieved those goals a year ahead of schedule. We passed one million kids engaging with More than 5,000 educators have experienced development opportunities that are transforming their classrooms with the proven methods used every day at our flagship TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, CA and our satellites. The Earl Woods Scholar Program continued to produce young people who will make a difference in the world.

For TGR Live, we pursued new avenues that are truly significant. TGR Live added two new events to our portfolio – Celebrity Cup and Nexus Cup- which will support our programs as they continue to reach new milestones. The announcement of elevation of the Genesis Invitational in Los Angeles will honor Tiger’s legacy while firmly establishing the tournament as a premier TOUR stop for years to come. Janet Jackson brought new vitality to Tiger Jam with her “Metamorphosis” residency show and there were many more accomplishments to celebrate through our programs and events. As an organization, we made significant strides in all areas, continuing an upward trajectory that is so important for our impact and future growth.

The flagship TGR Learning Lab, located in Anaheim, CA, is the hub of TGR Foundation education programs, which focus on STEM and college access.

It was a terrific year for everyone connected to TGR Foundation.  As we enter a new decade, the expectations will only grow. 2020 will bring new ways to change the lives of kids around the world, encouraging them to pursue their passions, and for those who engage with us, whether in person, online or through their teachers, we’ll continue to empower them to see and build a better future.  In the end, that’s the most significant thing we can do.


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