April 04, 2019

TGR EDU: Explore lesson prepares students for scholarship application process

The college application process is multi-faceted. For many students deciding which institution to attend is a challenge that is often coupled with how they will fund their education and other associated expenses.

Although there are numerous resources and options for financial aid, many teens and families don’t know where to begin. TGR EDU: Explore aims to reduce the gap in financial aid and access to higher education by addressing scholarships as a critical element of the application process. It’s latest college-access lesson, Scholarship Case Study: Reducing the Gap, guides educators as they reverse the roles of students to help them learn best practices for college applications and how to implement them.

While acting as a selection committee member, students will review sample applications to gain knowledge on types of scholarships, qualifications and components. By the end of the lesson, participants will understand the costs associated with higher education, resources available, applications that are a good fit for their unique skills, talents and characteristics and how to avoid scams.

Although the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is often the first resource students seek for aid, scholarships offer more options with a variety of criteria from academic merit to community service and more. Download the free lesson to gain an extensive library of resources, which also includes prompts to encourage individual and group discussion among educators, parents and administrators.

Scholarship Case Study is one of many resources available through TGR EDU: Explore, developed in partnership with Discovery Education. As we kick off Financial Literacy Month, educators can expand on the topic with the Financial Pur$uit digital module, also focused on the use of financial aid to decrease the gap in college access. In addition, College Blueprint, a self-paced, digital experience tests student knowledge and explores the different elements of college life, factors to consider when selecting an institution and where to seek financial aid.

With the free TGR EDU: Explore college-access resources, students can reduce and/or eliminate the financial barriers of pursuing higher education. The platform is one of the many ways TGR Foundation empowers students through education.

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