February 10, 2021

TGR Foundation celebrates two million students reached through education programs

After years of reaching young people across the country through education and youth development programs, Tiger Woods challenged his foundation “to make bold choices, explore unchartered territory and reach millions of kids around the world.” Now in its 25th anniversary year, TGR Foundation has met his challenge and celebrates two million students reached.

“I’m proud of my foundation’s growth over the last 25 years,” said Tiger Woods, Founder. “Five years ago, I challenged my team to reach millions of kids around the world. As we celebrate this milestone, I’m excited for our new projects that will help even more students chase after their dreams.”

The journey to two million began with Woods’ vision to create a safe space for underserved youth. With the opening of the TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim in 2006, his vision became a reality and a series of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) courses, college-access programs, teacher training and career exploration programs followed.

As the foundation worked to fulfill its mission to empower youth through education, each program allowed the foundation to grow its reach across the U.S. and more than 50 countries around the world.

Tiger Woods welcomes students to the flagship TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, CA.

With an emphasis on middle and high school students from Title 1 schools and aspiring first generation college graduates, the foundation’s programs work to close the gaps in education, equity and access. With an end goal to diversify the workforce pipeline and prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow, its innovative approach to education, including hands-on learning and holistic support, helps underserved students identify their passions and develop transferable skills.

“TGR Foundation is really passionate about underserved kids and making an impact that changes the future for students and their families – generation after generation,” said Gordon McNeill, President and CEO. “Our job is to meet students where they’re at and build on our success and impact over the last 25 years.”

Southern California area youth enter the flagship TGR Learning Lab to engage in STEM and career exploration programs.

Through a satellite model the TGR Learning Lab courses have reached youth in four cities on the East Coast. TGR Foundation trains educators to deliver the Learning Lab’s experiential learning courses at satellite campuses exposing students to STEM skills and disciplines in addition to practices that help build a growth mindset.

The teacher training program is an extension of the activities offered at the TGR Learning Lab. Through experience and lessons learned over the last 25 years, it equips educators worldwide with tools, resources, confidence and support to transform their teaching practices and prepare students for present and future careers. By training educators, the foundation has a tangible impact on a greater number of students from high-needs communities.

Designed to scale the programs to an even wider network of students, educators and families, TGR EDU: Explore, a digital platform developed in partnership with Discovery Education took the courses and experiences offered at the TGR Learning Lab to the next level. The platform transitioned the programs into interactive digital experiences, self-paced learning modules, accessible lesson plans and training videos – all available with no cost or log in required.

“Students are at the center of all that we do,” said Dr. Katherine Bihr, Vice President of Programs and Education. “Since we opened the doors to the Learning Lab in 2006 our growth has been exponential and the impact we’ve seen, in and out of the classroom, fuels our drive to continue supporting young people on their journeys to success.”


TGR Learning Lab student “traces life’s roots” through free TGR EDU: Explore animal ancestry digital exploration.

As the foundation celebrates two million students, its focus remains on driving equity and access in education. With the launch of its new Pathways Forward initiative that focus will be shaped by efforts to build accessible pathways to personal and professional success.

“Jobs of the future are continuing to change and it’s up to us to give kids the education, the tools and the skills necessary to be successful,” said McNeill. “We need to act now to increase underserved students’ opportunities to see and achieve beyond their dreams. Every day that we miss is a day that another student is missing out on what is possible. Together we can make a difference and we can make it now.”

The Pathways Forward initiative will fund innovative offerings, inspiring learning spaces and accessible career pathways as the foundation works to reach more underserved youth in the years ahead. Visit TGRFoundation.org/PathwaysForward to learn more and support the foundation’s work to empower youth through education.


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