August 25, 2022

College Bound Academy prepares high school seniors for path to higher education

As high school seniors approach the end of an era and work toward their college and career goals, getting started can often be overwhelming. This summer students across the country gathered for three sessions of our annual College Bound Academy.

Through the program, more than sixty students participated in various workshops and activities to gain the knowledge and skills needed to pursue higher education on their individual career pathways.

The first week of CBA took place at the flagship TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, CA and was followed by two weeks of virtual sessions to provide access to more students.

Local southern California students ask questions about higher education processes during TGR Foundation’s annual College Bound Academy.

Each session covered best practices for navigating higher education processes from building a college list and finding the right fit to completing applications for financial aid and admissions. Beyond knowledge and understanding of the processes and next steps, students also built confidence in their value.

“This experience has been so valuable for me,” said Kristela Marie Avendano.. “I was really nervous about the whole application process and how to showcase my best self. I also had a lot of self-confidence issues. I wasn’t sure if I had the skills or I was actually capable to apply and get accepted into a college. College Bound Academy has done so much to instill self-confidence in me and give me the tools that I needed in order to walk out feeling better about myself and the college application process.”

Kristela Marie Avendano creates a rock to reminder her that she’s capable of her goals during TGR Foundation’s annual College Bound Academy.

Students also engaged in interactive activities that allowed them to connect with their peers and gain a better understanding of the application process. In one session, they experienced what it’s like to be an admissions counselor while reviewing sample applications and deciding which students would be admitted.

College Bound Academy students collaborate in a mock admissions session to better understand the process and experience it through the lens of an admissions counselor.

In addition to workshops, the first cohort of scholars participated in tours of the Claremont Colleges and learned more about resources offered to students.

“If I could describe my College Bound Academy experience in one word it would definitely be ‘inspirational,’” said John Cotton. “It helped me understand where I want to go in life and the best path for my success.”

High School seniors gather for a photo during a tour of the Claremont Colleges while participating in TGR Foundation’s College Bound Academy.

Although each College Bound Academy session ended after one week, TGR Foundation’s dedicated team of educators will continue to provide support as students put what they learned into action.

Opportunities throughout the year include virtual, in-person and hybrid workshops, one-on-one support and more.

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