September 22, 2022

TGR Foundation celebrates relaunch


Tiger Woods had a vision inspired by the tragic events of 9/11, “to create a safe space for students to learn, grow & chase after their dreams.” From this vision came the flagship TGR Learning Lab, which opened in 2006 to students and families from Anaheim and the surrounding communities.  

As a child, Tiger’s parents instilled in him the importance and priority of education first, which he wanted to pass on to youth from the same community he grew up in. Designed to meet students’ needs while inspiring them to dream big, the TGR Learning Lab welcomed students to an environment unlike the traditional school structure featuring hands-on learning and access to state-of-the-art technology in a setting designed to feel like college. Since inception, thousands of 5th through 12th grade students have participated in the Learning Lab’s learning resources.  

This fall we are excited to celebrate the relaunch of the TGR Learning Lab and welcome our community of students, educators and supporters to the campus. The relaunch is bigger than a renovation of the building; it’s a celebration of the impact we have in the lives of youth and a recommitment to the community as we fulfill Tiger’s vision.  

“We built the Learning Lab to be a safe space for the students in our community to learn and grow,” said Woods. “With the relaunch, we are excited to have an inspiring space for future generations of students to chase after their dreams.”

The Learning Lab has been modernized, including a new café, lounge and classroom design complete with furniture to mimic professional shared spaces, the latest technology including Boxlight touchscreens, 3D printers, a podcast studio, multimedia creative resources and more. The educational philosophy remains the same, to provide students with opportunities to pursue their passions, access quality education and gain the ongoing support needed to thrive in school and life.  

Our classes combine exposure to college and career pathways with the knowledge and skills needed for success. We also provide teachers from Anaheim and surrounding communities with professional development to integrate project-based learning into their classroom. 

The inspiring environment and supportive instructors provide daily encouragement for students to Follow Your Passions, Dream Without Limits and Be a Champion!  

Whether a student navigating their path to success, an educator helping students discover their passions or a partner providing opportunities for under-resourced youth, we believe everyone can be a champion.  

Thank you to Nick Gross and Find Your Grind, Debby & Hal Jacobs, Cindy & Mike McKee, Alexis Ohanian, Providence and Claire Yu & Simon Zhang for being champions for youth and supporting the relaunch.  

Join us. Be a champion at