January 14, 2021

TGR Foundation launches Pathways Forward initiative, celebrates 25 years

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In 1996, when Tiger and his parents launched TGR Foundation, they set out to do something profoundly simple yet deeply impactful – give kids hope. As we enter into TGR Foundation’s 25th anniversary, at an unprecedented time when hardships feel insurmountable, the ability to give kids from our most vulnerable communities a sense of hope feels all the more urgent and critical.

With 2021 marking a milestone year for the foundation, we look to our founder to share his vision for our next chapter. Tiger’s goal for us, once again, is inherently simple yet visionary – to provide young people with a clear path to personal excellence and professional success. While this next chapter of the foundation’s journey is my first at the helm of the organization, the groundwork has been long established.

Our innovative work with students and educators in the STEM, college access and digital learning space will continue. However, the hardships brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing social unrest have pushed us to expand our programs and enhance our offerings to better ensure we are meeting the needs of the whole student. Guiding young people towards personal and professional success requires us to build multiple, tangible pathways to not only meet kids where they are but get them where they want to go.

Through our 2021 Pathways Forward initiative, TGR Foundation is setting out to ensure that students from marginalized communities are given access and opportunity to build for themselves a meaningful, impactful career and life. We believe that by helping students identify their passion and define their pathway, we are setting them up for generational and transformational success.

To meet the needs of a rapidly changing world and workforce, we are taking steps to provide tangible pathways forward for youth through:


Through our existing programs and relationships with school districts, we have a strong understanding of students’ needs and how we can best support them. However, to deepen the impact of these pathways, integrated partnerships are critical. As we prepare young people to succeed in the workforce, we look to like-minded organizations to bring in their expertise and support us in building a future talent pool.

What’s most exciting as we look ahead is that TGR Foundation is in a position to transform the education landscape. Our programs will continue to help youth envision and achieve more for themselves, their families and their communities. We will support them every step forward while they work to reach and exceed their goals.

With 25 years of student success stories and our reach spanning two million students worldwide, the work we are doing is changing lives and communities. The next 25 years will only bring about deeper, more significant impact as we expand into new regions and reach countless more underserved students around the world. As we look toward the future, education will continue to drive our pathways forward.

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