December 22, 2020

2020: A Year of Opportunity 

We’ve heard that phrase many times this year, and although it’s a reflective sentiment for the pandemic, it’s also cause to acknowledge diversity, ensure equity and to seek inclusivity – individually and collectively.

TGR Foundation has learned a lot in 2020, and I am proud to share how we advanced our programmatic work in new and still impactful ways.

TGR Learning Lab student engages in STEM through virtual classes offered through the TGR Learning Lab.

It’s worth noting this year’s advances didn’t come about in a deliberate manner, but rather as a result of realizing that the status quo was not an option. Not only were the youth we serve struggling, but our worldwide community of educators were also overwhelmed and needed our support. We watched, listened, learned and took the critical steps needed to keep students and educators afloat. Through action in three core areas we continued to support students, families and educators.

We embraced technology and

    • Developed free online classes for students around the world.
    • Hosted free digital workshops for teachers on remote learning strategies.
    • Launched 100+ new digital resources for teachers, students and families.
TGR EDU: Create educator development team facilitates virtual STEM Studio workshops.

We invested in internal talent and

    • Created coaching models to enhance staff skills and certified them for online course delivery.
    • Developed an educator and college-access video playlist including monthly teaching tidbits and tips for high school students preparing for college.
    • Created project-based and family-friendly Design Challenges and launched STEM Unplugged, a new video series showcasing interactive and hands-on ways to explore STEM concepts at home

We created digital spaces and

    • Hosted college-access workshops for students and families.
    • Developed virtual office hours to support teachers as they worked to modify their instructional practices.

Overall we were reminded of the importance of staying true to our mission – maintaining a focus on empowering students to pursue their passions through education. As we look forward to 2021 and the  launch of a new, very intentional campaign called Pathways Forward, we’ll pursue a fresh approach that helps students launch a career path and reinforces that success is on all of us – business leaders, educators and community members.


Redefining what it means to be a champion.