October 16, 2017

Finding the mindset and method to WOW your guests 

The team behind the scenes at TGR Live is responsible for more than just the planning and execution of each event. The TGR Live events team is ultimately focused on transforming excellence in a tangible way for each guest in attendance. They optimize the TGR approach of mindset, method and mastery into everything they do to develop an event experience that leaves guests with a lasting impression.

The events team focuses on this goal by starting with the right mindset. Through understanding and focusing on the end goal of excellence, the team is able to see beyond limitations. ” When you approach any aspect of an event you need to have the mindset that anything really is possible,” TGR Live Director of Events Gina Ekmekjian said.

In order to accomplish the impossible, you must start with the basics from strategic planning sessions before the event to meticulous execution during and detailed debrief sessions post. Following in the direction from TGR Live executive leadership, the events team uses these basic methods to take what was done in the past and constantly evaluate to improve for the future, leading to greater results year after year.

“First, I try and think of things that we’ve done in the past and evaluate if it will work for the upcoming year,” Ekmekjian said. “Then I move on to thinking about what the ‘wow’ will be for the upcoming event – how can we change things up to make the event better? What will people walk away talking about from the event? You have to strike a balance between implementing things you know will work and taking a chance on what could work.”

Event Excellence Starts with a Mindset

A key takeaway from TGR Live’s ever-present goal to constantly improve the event experience for guests is the importance of being as open and creative as possible, to think innovatively, while putting yourself in the guests’ shoes to think about what they would want. As the events team continues to set new standards, our guests continue to expect more.

Transforming excellence and redefining the event experience is a never-ending concept.  The mastery of a concept or activation at one event, doesn’t mean it will have the same impact at the next event.

“Mastery means delivering a fresh and innovative event to our guests, which leaves them pleased beyond their expectations,” TGR Live Director of Events Lindsey Whitham said. “It means pushing the boundaries and exploring new things, while making sure that the basic elements of the event are executed flawlessly.”

Our team strives to deliver guests with a ‘WOW’ feeling at each event because we believe in the power of our events to make an impact. The legacy of TGR Live and the Tiger Woods Foundation will not be measured on the championships of Tiger Woods, but rather on the millions of youth who benefit through the funds raised by TGR Live events.

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