September 12, 2017

The mindset, method and mastery of TGR Live executive leadership

As leaders in charity event management, the TGR Live staff applies the key TGR principles of mindset, method and mastery in their work every day. This process starts with the TGR Live executive leadership team who lead the strategy for our organization while guiding the planning and execution phases of each event. They look to these principals to learn from the past, work collaboratively and think innovatively towards a future of excellence.

President and CEO Rick Singer keeps a mindset of looking at inevitable change as an opportunity for growth and development as an organization.

“Ideally, you start with a fairly clean slate,” Singer said. “What I have learned from past experiences is that you should forget the past if you are going to do new and exciting things. Learning from the past is critically important, but being overly dedicated to it and saying ‘well, this is how we did it before,’ becomes an impediment to change.”

Rick Singer, President and CEO
Rick Singer speaking at the Tiger Woods Foundation 20th Anniversary event

Our Vice President of Events, Michelle Bemis believes in a mindset that includes a global perspective. She’s always looking for ways to do things newly, while focusing on the future.

“We are continuously evolving and always looking beyond,” Bemis said. “Our goal is to create transformative environments that produce exceptional experiences for our guests.”

Vice President of Championships, Mike Antolini, stresses the importance of working with a purpose; keeping his mindset on why we do what we do.

“With the strategic direction of an event, it’s really all about the why,” Antolini said. “Sometimes, when you’re in the height of execution, it’s easy to lose sight of why we are spending the time to produce these events and the impact we are making. But, at the outset, if we can understand and really hone in on the why, I believe it helps set a clear direction.”

Earl Wood Scholar Adrian Arias speaks at Tiger Jam 2017
Earl Wood Scholar Adrian Arias speaks at Tiger Jam 2017

The TGR Live method is a way of preparing with precision and setting new standards. Executive leadership drives the organization to work strategically with great attention to detail throughout the year.

“You have to focus first and foremost on what you are trying to accomplish,” Singer said.

As with any organization in the entertainment and experiences space, the goal is to keep guests coming back year after year. To do that, Singer explains you have to be as external as possible. “I feel our team is really good at setting a strategic plan and figuring out what we are trying to accomplish, who is going to help us get there and what their interests and needs are. And then, actually going out and talking to them in person!”

In regards to the methods of planning and executing our events, Antolini stresses the importance of collaboration and communication.

“It’s important that we stay fluid throughout the planning and execution phases, that we keep the lines of communication open and keep perspective at all times,” Antolini said. “Knowing where we want to go and how to best get there are vital.”

Rickie Fowler tees off during the final round of the 2017 Quicken Loans National at TPC Potomac
Rickie Fowler tees off during the final round of the 2017 Quicken Loans National at TPC Potomac

Mastery is leading through accomplishments and sharing a legacy that lasts. TGR Live aims to set the benchmark for charity events and lead by example. Our executive leadership team defines mastery in different ways, but has the same end goal.

“Mastery is really about that level of expertise, but with the mission and the knowledge that you can always do something better and you can always take the performance and your mastery to a new level,” Singer said. “It’s important that you don’t see mastery as a destination, you see it as part of the journey.”

Antolini sees mastery as the time when “strategic planning meets flawless execution” at events. “We can plan as much as possible, but we must properly execute to fulfill our experiential promise.”

“Mastery is in part inspiring others. When what we do influences others to explore new possibilities, or to energize around an idea we’ve created, that speaks to ingenuity, expertise and excellence,” Bemis said.

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