August 28, 2017

Transforming excellence into a tangible way

Mindset. Method. Mastery.

Over the course of Tiger’s 20-plus year career in professional golf, entrepreneurial endeavors and charity event management, three core principles – mindset, method and mastery – have long shaped what TGR is today.

The TGR mission is simple; to transform excellence from an abstract idea to a tangible way that everyone can embody. How is this mission accomplished?

It takes a mindset – a way of focusing on excellence and seeing beyond limitations.

There is a method – a way of practicing with precision and setting new standards.

And there is a mastery – a way of leading through accomplishments and sharing a legacy that lasts.


“TGR is all about having the right mindset and having the right method and mastering it.” – Tiger Woods


The core TGR principles of mindset, method and mastery go beyond Tiger; they are the driving force within the entire TGR family.

Since 1996, TGR Live has used mindset, method and mastery to become leaders in charity event management. From Tiger Jam, our signature event in Las Vegas, to reimagining one of the longest running PGA TOUR events in the Genesis Open, TGR Live has used mindset and method to master the art of executing world-class events.

Our mindset is to respect tradition, but also see past it and envision events that are excellent beyond all limits. Our method is to be ambitious by raising the standards of execution. Our mastery strives to create exceptional experiences.

These values define who we are and how we operate. The result is best-in-class events that benefit the Tiger Woods Foundation and continue to change the lives of youth through education.

In the coming weeks, we will highlight how these principles are put into practice daily at TGR Live.
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