September 26, 2017

Building events that stand tall

Think of the last event you attended. What was the event’s identity? Can you picture the event’s theme, its creative look or its overarching message? These are all questions that we seek to answer at TGR Live events. Ultimately, the TGR Live marketing team develops and executes advertising, media and communications campaigns, but first we identify how to bring to life the event’s brand. In doing so, mindset, method and mastery play a vital role in implementing an experiential marketing strategy at TGR Live events.

Implementing a strategy for an event brand starts long before guests arrive on-site. Each year the TGR Live marketing team takes a mindset to build upon and evolve a brand that is distinct and unique for each event. We evaluate each event and take key learnings from the past while also looking outside of the TGR Live event portfolio for best practices. With that understanding, developing a specific marketing campaign for each event is key. What works in Los Angeles for the Genesis Open might not apply to the Hero World Challenge at Albany, Bahamas. And what is successful at a large-scale PGA TOUR event might not be successful for an intimate signature event such as the Tiger Woods Invitational presented by USLI at Pebble Beach.

How does an event identity evolve year over year while remaining true to its brand? Each event is built on a unique set of brand pillars. These pillars transcend any given year and are factors that truly make the event stand alone. When TGR Live took over operation of the Genesis Open in early 2016, one of the first tasks was to establish a refreshed identity for a historic PGA TOUR tournament.

“The 2017 Genesis Open stands out as we were able to take a 90-plus year old event and establish a new brand identity in less than one year,” TGR Live Director of Marketing Dan Scali said. “We worked with a new title sponsor to develop a brand look and feel designed to redefine the fan experience at Riviera. We were able to develop a brand inspired by five fundamental key pillars; Los Angeles, The Riviera Country Club, PGA TOUR, Genesis and TGR Live. Establishing these pillars gave us a strong foundation to ensure that all designs, messages and activations were authentic and on brand”

Incorporating the TGR Live brand at the Genesis Open

Once a brand identity is born, making the brand come to life takes the buy-in and support from the entire TGR Live team. During the planning stages, the marketing team looks at each detail of the event and ensures it connects to a brand pillar. By facilitating regular, open dialogue with all departments, we ensure active engagement and thorough incorporation of the brand into the nuances of the event.

“When our team is planning our events, we all keep the key brand pillars in mind,” TGR Live Tournament Marketing and Communications Manager Noah Sharfman said. “From our sales staff to operations, we try and connect what we are doing back to the brand pillars. One of the true measures of success is whether or not our entire team brings ideas to the table to help make an event brand come to life.”

While the creation of a brand identity is critical, equally important is properly communicating the event’s message to an audience through advertising, PR and on-site activation efforts; creating a consistent brand message across all channels is key. From the advertising plan to event signage and collaterals, each touchpoint with our audience is a chance to further establish the event identity.

“For our events to grow, not only is traditional advertising important, but the digital scene has grown immensely and that trend is only going to continue,” TGR Live Marketing Coordinator Danielle Norman said. “Taking advantage of digital trends and creating a buzz about your event online is crucial. For the upcoming Tiger Woods Invitational, we have created a full social plan for the weeks leading up to the event to build awareness and buzz around the exclusive golf trip in Northern California. Having a mix of content is a method we use as well, including in-depth articles, simple photography and fun, interactive posts that can help us engage with current and prospective clients and attendees.”

Precision in Practice
Tiger Woods Invitational branding style

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