February 11, 2021

TGR Foundation announces new Find Your Grind Foundation partnership

Find Your Grind

IRVINE, CALIF. – Today, TGR Foundation, A Tiger Woods Charity, announced a new partnership with Find Your Grind Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Los Angeles-based self-discovery and career exploration platform, Find Your Grind. The multi-year partnership brings together two organizations with a shared mission to help young people discover who they are, identify their strengths and interests and offer multiple pathways to personal and professional success.

Co-founded in 2018 by Nick and Natasha Gross, Find Your Grind helps the next generation navigate their path to the future and discover who they can be, with a focus on future of work opportunities. Through Find Your Grind’s educational products, online discovery platform and events, students understand how they want to live and work and take the first steps to get there.

“At Find Your Grind we’re always looking for synergies,” said Nick Gross. “Most notably, we’re trying to discover synergies between the types of lifestyles our learners want to live and the exciting and emerging careers that align with those lifestyles. We’re thrilled to explore this with TGR Foundation as both of our organizations continue helping young people reach their full potential.”

The partnership marks TGR Foundation’s first collaboration under its new Pathways Forward initiative, launched earlier this year.

“2021 is a milestone year for us,” said TGR Foundation President and CEO, Gordon McNeill. “We’re not only celebrating our 25th anniversary, but also working to provide more young people with tangible pathways to success through our Pathways Forward initiative. To have Nick and Find Your Grind Foundation join us in giving more students access to inspiring learning spaces, innovative resources and tools to explore and discover career opportunities is invaluable. The work we’ll do together over the course of the next several years will impact underserved kids who are struggling to find their personal and professional place in this world.”

The partnership allows for TGR Foundation to enhance its Anaheim, California TGR Learning Lab, modernizing the space with a multimedia lab, a dedicated space for career exploration as well as new indoor and outdoor learning and activity spaces. While the architectural improvements will give students more dynamic spaces to create, collaborate and innovate, both organizations will also work closely in the coming year to develop education programs available to TGR Foundation’s community of students and learners.

Find Your Grind and TGR Foundation Logo

With a focus on introducing youth to cutting-edge and future industries, Find Your Grind’s learning experiences will give TGR Foundation access to skills assessments, curated content and lessons from experts in unconventional career paths for their 7 – 12th grade students. The career-focused content will be paired with virtual mentorship from professionals working in growing and emerging industries. Through these various touchpoints, TGR Foundation’s community of students will gain critical exposure to different careers while discovering what truly sparks their passion.

“Our partnership with the Find Your Grind Foundation will open new doors for our students, many of whom have limited experience and access to discover who they can be in the world.,” said Dr. Katherine Bihr, Vice President of Programs and Education at TGR Foundation. “As our teams work together, we’ll develop specialized resources, certification programs and career-connected courses designed to specifically address the unique needs of our students. Our expertise in STEM and college-access programs coupled with Find Your Grind’s creative and cutting-edge approach to self-discovery, will lead to the kind of innovation that is needed for careers of the future.”

The partnership signifies a broadening of scope for TGR Foundation as it begins its 25th year, expanding its commitment to help students discover their personal pathways to success through the launch of the Pathways Forward initiative. To learn more visit TGRFoundation.org/PathwaysForward.


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