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Effective technology integration

New and innovative educational tools continue to be developed every day to enhance teaching and learning in the classroom. We can quickly become engaged with all the bells and whistles, but how can we determine the effectiveness of the new technology?

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Meet Milton Chen: Champion of the unexpected

Educational innovator. Elmo Award recipient. Jedi Master. With over four decades in education, Dr. Milton Chen’s professional journey is expansive, impressive and definitely entertaining. The author of Education Nation and senior fellow and executive director, emeritus, at The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF), Chen is a leading voice within the educational media landscape and a […]

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The challenging education and technology gap

Something exciting is happening right now. The rapid rise of technology is disrupting industries across the globe. The world’s largest taxi company (Uber) owns no vehicles; the most valuable retailer (Alibaba) has no inventory; and the world’s most popular media owner (Facebook) creates no content. While most sectors seem to be embracing change driven by […]

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STEMulated minds at work

In order to meet the needs of the increasing number of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) jobs within the next decade, we need students to be exposed to opportunities that exist and provide them with the training, knowledge and skills they need to be successful in these careers. To meet this demand, teachers need […]

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