February 21, 2017

Tiger Woods Foundation heads to SXSWedu

One topic that continues to garner attention is a need to cultivate learners for our future workforce. By 2018, 8.6 million STEM-related jobs will be created, and educators must do their part to make sure students are ready to become tomorrow’s wage earners. Today’s young person needs to be able to think critically, problem-solve, innovate and respond to the world’s future challenges. All these skills and more are addressed through integrated STEM programs that encourage young people to become active learners working on real-world problems.

I am looking forward to presenting this year on SXSWedu’s Future20 panel. My presentation, How the Tiger Woods Foundation is Bringing STEM to Every Child, will explore what happens when we as adults in society start truly believing that all kids can achieve, regardless of circumstance. Below I am sharing the top three points from my presentation. If you are in Austin on March 8, I hope you will join the conversation.

  1. Begin and end with the kids in mind: Oftentimes, we get caught up in our own agendas and forget that the reason we are in education is so that we can serve and benefit others.
  2. Don’t know what you should do? Listen to the kids!: Some of our best content was developed as a result of talking and listening to kids. Their insights might surprise you.
  3. Increasing student engagement starts with increasing teacher engagement: Teachers need to be active participants in the process as well. How are we providing for teacher growth and development?

At the Tiger Woods Foundation, we have been pushing the educational envelope for over 10 years through the TGR Learning Lab and Earl Woods Scholar Program. We believe in challenging the status quo. We believe that everyone has the ability to be a champion for themselves and for others. We believe in the power of YES!

See you in Austin!

Champions of the unexpected.