December 09, 2016

Flashback: TGR Learning Lab expands to Florida

Through a partnership with Murray Middle School, the foundation began offering its STEM-based, college-access programs to Florida students in 2011. The core curriculum utilized technology to explore careers in science and engineering. In addition, TWF pre-college activities were integrated to support student interests. But best of all, this satellite location brought the foundation’s hands-on, technology-rich approach to planning for college and a rewarding career.

On December 9, 2011, Tiger Woods spent the afternoon experiencing life as an eighth grader, joining students in Mrs. Lynch’s class for a lesson in the TGR Learning Lab’s forensics program. After visiting the newly completed Learning Lab satellite at Murray Middle School, Woods joined in the forensics lesson that included solving a crime, analyzing clues, fingerprinting, studying evidence and questioning suspects.

“This is the second time that I participated in a forensics class at the Learning Lab and I really enjoy it. This class makes learning about science fun and the kids get excited about it,” Woods said. “For the past five years we have been successfully using our Forensics Science curriculum at our Learning Lab in Anaheim, Calif., and I’m excited we were able to bring this unique programming to students in Florida.”

According to a school self-assessment and parent survey the following year, students participating in the TGR Learning Lab at Murray Middle School showed increased science grades and interest in the topic. Analyzing change between the students’ first- and fourth-quarter grades uncovered that 70 percent of the students in the program improved their science scores. One parent wrote, “My child has gained a new love for school and learning.” Parent responses in the survey also noted positive behavioral changes in their children, including gained self-confidence, improved attitude toward school and an interest in attending college.

“We are incredibly excited about the success of the TGR Learning Lab at Murray Middle. It provides unique learning opportunities and is igniting students’ interests in STEM. The students that go through the program can see how what they are learning in the classroom can lead to future careers. It helps make it relevant to them,” said Nancy Kline, Martin County Schools Superintendent.

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