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Summer Learning at the TGR Learning Lab

Summer is for fun, sun, BBQs—and for many young people, no school! However, all of us at the TGR Learning Lab believe that summer is about opening doors to new opportunities, thinking about one’s future and getting ahead when it comes to preparing for college. We also think it is a time where teachers can have some fun while they collaborate with fellow educators and learn new activities that can be used in their own classroom.

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STEM Studio D.C. – Educator Growth Through the Student Lens

On June 15-16, TGR EDU: Create delivered STEM Studio in Washington D.C., a free two-day professional learning experience in STEM education based on best practices in lesson design and inquiry-based learning from Tiger Woods Foundation curricula. Learn more from TGR EDU: Create’s director David Tong about how we’re working with educators to improve STEM learning for students everywhere.

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Disrupting the Gender Gap in Computer Science

We’re excited to introduce you to a STEM trailblazer, Kavya Kopparapu. At just 16 years old and a rising senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Washington, D.C., Kavya is on a mission to introduce more girls to STEM. Her nonprofit, GirlsComputingLeague, has allowed her to reach thousands of girls and speak at numerous distinguished STEM events across the country. During the Tiger Woods Foundation’s DC STEM Fair Teacher Semina, held in collaboration with the D.C STEM Network this past March, we had the opportunity to see Kavya in action as she co-led a professional development class with our instructor. Without a doubt, Kavya Kopparapu is one to watch—and we can’t see where she goes. Read on to hear from Kavya herself, watch her dynamic speech at the March for Science and learn more about her passion for STEM.

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