September 25, 2017

Earl Woods Scholar alum Tony Armas to speak at Tiger Woods Invitational

Earl Woods Scholar Tony Armas

In a few weeks, the Tiger Woods Invitational (TWI) presented by USLI will kick off at the iconic Pebble Beach Resort on the breathtaking Monterey Peninsula. The private, three-day event offers world class golf, entertainment and unforgettable moments—all benefitting the charitable work of the Tiger Woods Foundation.


Over the last six years, TWI has invited our exemplary Earl Woods Scholars to share their journey with guests at the annual reception and dinner, hosted by Tiger Woods. And this year is no exception. Now in its 7th year, TWI will welcome Earl Woods Scholar alum Tony Armas—a truly remarkable young man who will share his story of passion and pursuit with guests.


At just 22 years old, Tony exemplifies what it is to be an Unrelenting Champion. Currently working for the financial services company PARS (Public Agency Retirement Services), Tony pushed himself tirelessly to get where he is today.


While a full-time student at the University of California, Irvine, Tony juggled a 25+ hour work week, a heavy class schedule and a leadership role at his fraternity, Sigma Delta Alpha. He participated in intramural sports on campus and was part of the Latino Business Student Association. He did all this while commuting to and from school every day, choosing to live at home and support his family in Anaheim, California.


For Tony, his goal was simple—graduate from college without amassing a financial burden for himself or his family. At times, Tony felt overwhelmed, alone and exhausted—but he never relented.


“I was in constant check of my bank account, making it my mission to not use a single cent of my parent’s money to make it through college,” Tony shared. “Each year was an analysis of money. A budget. Projecting how much I’d be making, and spending. Arranging my class schedule to ensure I would be able to do my 20-25 hours of work, because I wouldn’t be able to afford any less.”


While a challenge at times, Tony successfully managed to reach his goal. Not only did he graduate from UCI with a degree in Economics, but he did so in just three years. Given that he and his family struggled so much financially, working in the financial sector is all the more poignant for Tony. By working in finance, he hopes to one day leave a lasting and real impact in the lives of families just like his.


We’re proud to be welcoming Tony at this year’s Tiger Woods Invitational, as he truly represents what it means to be an Unrelenting Champion.


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