July 16, 2019

TGR EDU: Global to welcome over 50 educators for 2nd International STEM Studio

TGR EDU: Global is devoted to high quality, teacher professional development around the world. We are continuing to reach an international audience by hosting the 2ndannual International STEM Studio at the flagship TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, CA in the summer of 2019. We believe that all students deserve quality education and access to highly trained educators should not stop at any borders edge.

Although this will be our second year offering International STEM Studio, there will be two sessions during the last two weeks of July and we have expanded our reach to 53 educators from 29 countries. Those joining our 2019 International STEM Studio are hailing from Australia, Bahamas, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Honduras, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Panama, Republic of Georgia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sweden, Taiwan and the United Kingdom. By the end of this summer, we will have reached 69 participants from 36 countries between the 2018 and 2019 International STEM Studio.

Participants represent elementary through high schools and teach basic science, applied science, technology, design and/or mathematics. We are excited to work with these educators from around the globe to develop a community of practitioners collaborating to make education better throughout the world.

As the five-day training approaches, educators planning to attend shared what they’re most looking forward to during the 2019 International STEM Studio.



The STEM Studio curriculum has been specifically focused to meet these educators where they are, focusing on inquiry-based learning in STEM disciplines and appropriate use of available technology in their classrooms. In addition, all participants will use a specific rubric to self-evaluate their current STEM programs and develop goals for improving/establishing these programs. All visiting educators will definitely leave STEM Studio with exposure to best practices in STEM education and a plan to incorporate these practices in their home countries.

Our modern world is an interconnected one and it is the responsibility of all of us to ensure young people are prepared with the workforce skills needed for a modern economy. TGR Foundation is taking this responsibility seriously, making sure educators around the world are prepared to usher their students into the modern age.

Redefining what it means to be a champion.

International STEM Studio is made possible because of support from our generous partners: Department of State, Office of Overseas Schools; Millennium Challenge Corporation; Kingdom of Ashanti, Ghana; Queensland Government, Australia; United States African Development Foundation; Julie and Robert Sanchez; AMD; Genesis.