May 29, 2018

Summer STEM Studio to amplify curricula among educators

Empowering teachers to deliver engaging STEM curricula, TGR EDU: Create’s summer STEM Studio workshops will drive design, innovation and collaboration in Southern California, Washington, D.C. and around the world.

Reversing the teacher role, instructors from elementary to secondary education will become students as they’re immersed in innovative lesson designs and hands-on, project-based learning activities. The multi-day STEM Studios will kick off in mid-June at the TGR Learning Labs in Anaheim and Washington, D.C. View the full schedule of TGR EDU: Create trainings, online.

STEM Studio, presented by Kaiser Permanente, will unite a diverse group of professionals with unique teaching experiences and perspectives. While building community and discovery of concepts outside of a textbook, the workshops also encourage teachers to leave their comfort zone and engage in new learning experiences to spark ideas in their classrooms.


Advancing our mission and goal of reaching 270,000 students through enhanced teaching practices by 2020, TGR EDU: Create is one way we’re impacting the future of academia. Participants will return to their schools with:

  • useful student-centered teaching practices
  • the ability to improve existing lessons to increase student engagement and understanding
  • an action plan for application of skills learned

In addition to exciting STEM activities such as squid dissection, STEM Studio also implements lesson design, inquiry-based learning, instructional strategy discussions and lesson design reflection. After last year’s sessions, 94% of educators who participated reported increased confidence in delivering powerful STEM activities to students. Expanding globally, this year TGR EDU: Create will debut an international STEM Studio welcoming approximately 20 instructors from around the world.

Redefining what it means to be a champion.