May 21, 2018

TGR EDU: Explore Launches To Our Solar System and Back

Solar System Cover Image

Staring up at the stars in the sky and dreaming about becoming an astronaut is a common feeling many of us can relate to as children, who are often fascinated about exploring such a vast unknown. Thanks to the release of a new digital module, To Our Solar System and Back, on TGR EDU: Explore, the study of space and careers focused in this area has come closer to earth.

To Our Solar System and Back was inspired by the TGR Learning Lab’s Aerospace Rocketry class, challenging students to physically design a rocket that could be launched, safely recovered and used again. This digital module expands on this design thinking by allowing exploration of everyday items we depend on, but which were originally developed for the space program, such as solar panels and cell phones.

Also highlighted are technologies scientists use to make observations of our universe. Students will use this new knowledge to decide on a celestial object to sample and safely land their rocket back on earth using concepts learned about such as thrust, weight and lift.

Rocketry Lesson Photo

“What’s unique about To Our Solar System and Back is that it connects how we learn what’s out there to how we get there. Without information from sciences like spectrometry informing our decisions, we would be sending spacecraft in random directions, hoping for success while wasting time and resources.” – John Foster, TGR Learning Lab

In addition, students can explore careers that are related to the work of studying and exploring objects in space. Not all students may know that astronauts serve one role in a large interconnected web of professionals necessary to design a rocket, launch it into space, collect data and analyze the data on earth. After interacting with To Our Solar System and Back, students will be able to explain how aerospace engineers, electricians, project managers, material scientists and more work together to make space exploration possible.

Rocketry Lesson Photo 2

This digital module is the second produced through the collaboration between Discovery Education and the TGR Foundation, joining a plethora of other lesson plans, interactive modules, webinars, training videos and a Virtual Field Trip on TGR EDU: Explore, intended to support educators in engaging their students about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), college and careers.

To Our Solar System and Back is sure to capture the imagination of those captivated by the universe beyond our planet, giving them an idea of the kinds of careers that would allow them to further explore their dream of space exploration.

Explore To Our Solar System and Back now on TGR EDU: Explore!


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