May 05, 2017

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day

Teacher Appreciation Week is coming to an end, but our gratitude for our educators remains constant! Like their team members you met earlier in the week, today’s group of educators go above and beyond every day. Whether on the golf greens or in the classroom, they are instilling confidence and curiosity in their students. And for that, we thank them!


Holly Dennard, Lead Instructor

Based out of the TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, California, Holly teaches both Marine and Forensic Science classes along with Universal Science, Green Energy Engineering, and Wearable Electronics. She also works closely with fellow educators, leading classes within our professional development program.

Fun Fact: When Holly is not not at work she loves to hang out with her grandson and family, go on hikes, do yoga and garden. She is currently building a raised garden in her backyard! 

Roman Gonzales, PGA, TGR Learning Lab- Orange County Director of Golf

Heading up our golf department in Anaheim, California, you can find Roman on our greens working with students in his various golf clinics. Roman’s students come away from his classes not only with golf skills, but they learn the biomechanical motions of golf swings and kinesthetic movements during a swing, as well as course-management strategies to lower scores.

Fun Fact:  Roman was an amateur skateboarder and competed in contests back in the late 80’s. He was even sponsored by a few companies! Roman used to ollie (jump) down stairs, slide on handrails and clear trashcans standing up. His students don’t believe him until he shows them a kickflip, heelflip or 360 kickflip on their skateboard. He still enjoys skateboarding ‘til this day, although, he admits, it is much harder on the body than it used to be! Check out Roman in action.

Monserrat Orozco, Academic Support
Monse, as she’s affectionately called around the TGR Learning Lab, is always ready to lend a hand to students coming in for academic support. With a knack for science, Monse can often be spotted helping high school students with their chemistry homework.

Fun Fact: When she’s not working with students at the Learning Lab, Monse is a volunteer at a hospital working with kids. 

Titus Wu, Golf Coordinator

One of our newest team members, Titus is a graduate of USC (go Trojans!) and former TGR Learning Lab student and volunteer. Titus joins Roman on the golf course, assisting during all of our clinics.

Fun Fact: Titus has traveled to 3 different continents within 6 months. During his last year at USC, he had the opportunity to study abroad in Singapore. 

Andres Cuamani, Range Attendant/Academic Support

A former Learning Lab student member, Andres has taught the putting portion of our Saturday Programs and can also be found working with students who come in for help on their school work.

Fun Fact: Andres loves Spanish literature, specifically poetry. 

Justin Samuels, Range Attendant  

Rounding out the golf department, Justin, another former TGR Learning Lab student, works alongside Roman and Titus to prepare and organize the golf course so that it’s operational for all the classes.  

Fun Fact: Always pushing himself to take in new information, Justin likes to look up educational videos right before he goes to bed so that he can always learn something everyday.

Mignonne D’Cruz, Academic Support

Mignonne works with students in the afterschool program, providing assistance with homework, navigating high schoolers through the college admissions process, and serving as a role model to students. 

Fun fact: She loves going out to eat and trying new restaurants, and also loves to cook!

Mark McGlone, Learning Facilitator

Based out of our Washington, D.C. location, Mark teaches Video Game Design, Robotics, Video Production, Forensic Science, Video Journalism and Stop-Go Animation.

Fun Fact: Mark looks forward to autumn so much that he doesn’t mind being called the “fall guy.”


We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know our all-star educators this past week. We’ve truly enjoyed highlighting them. And to all our educators, THANK YOU for all you do and the lives you change.