June 14, 2016

A note of thanks to our generous donors

Donors, sponsors, stakeholders, contributors, grantors or investors. There are many names for the philanthropically devoted individuals and corporations who believe in the innovative programs of the Tiger Woods Foundation and generously give to support our work. For every gift and sponsorship TWF receives, there is a unique story tied to the contribution. Whether it is a successful business entrepreneur who overcame his impoverished childhood to build an empire from scratch and wants to give deserving youth the chance to pursue their college dreams, or a leading aerospace corporation that recognizes that without a prepared and dedicated workforce they will not remain globally competitive in the future, our donors have many reasons for contributing to our cause. 

Without our charitable supporters, TWF would not be able to impact 15,000 youth annually through the daytime, after-school and summer enrichment programs at the Tiger Woods Learning Centers. Our donors have allowed the Earl Woods Scholarship Program to successfully guide 139 scholars, most of whom are first-generation college students, on their journey through college and beyond. Their contributions have helped TWF expand our reach to thousands of educators through the launch of STEM Studio, a series of collaborative workshops aimed at improving the quality of STEM education via professional development initiatives for schoolteachers. The generosity of every single donor allows the Tiger Woods Foundation’s impactful educational work to grow and reach more underserved communities.  

As the foundation celebrates 20 years and prepares for the next chapter, we give thanks to those who believe in and invest in our efforts. These generous gifts have propelled TWF’s work forward to reach more youth, serve more teachers and break the cycle of poverty plaguing low-income families. Our vision is for students in need to thrive in school, their communities and the working world.  

The Tiger Woods Foundation is honored and deeply grateful to collaborate with a diverse group of supporters who share our commitment and belief in the power of education. We’d like to recognize the sponsors and donors who supported our efforts throughout 2015. By investing in quality education, together we are making a life-changing impact. Thank you!

Champions of the unexpected for 20 years.