June 14, 2016

D.C.’s rooftop scene comes to Congressional

Seize the opportunity to experience the Quicken Loans National like never before. New in 2016 are two totally unique and premier fan destination experiences. Take in Congressional from The Rooftop or Clubhouse Social Lounge. These are the newest and trendiest ways to experience a golf tournament, with downtown D.C. vibes taking over Congressional Country Club. 

The Rooftop 

Join us on The Rooftop for one of our most exciting new ticket offers. With access to the Congressional Country Club Clubhouse, this package offers you the opportunity to take in the National atmosphere, inside and out. Grab a spot on the clubhouse rooftop and watch the live action with a view of the historic 10th and 18th holes. There is no view at Congressional better than the one from The Rooftop. Cool off with a drink on the outdoor soft seating, or relax in the cool confines of the air-conditioned clubhouse with food and beverage for purchase. 

With access to the tournament grounds, The Rooftop is the perfect place to make your home base during the day. The Rooftop is a great spot for your group of friends to relax, kick back and enjoy the golf! 

Clubhouse Social Lounge 

The Clubhouse Social Lounge is the premier space for you and your friends to relax inside the historic Congressional Country Club Clubhouse. With full access to The Rooftop and tournament grounds, the limited availability of the Clubhouse Social Lounge makes it the place to be and be seen while at the Quicken Loans National. Enjoy the fun of a District-themed party on The Rooftop while indulging an all-inclusive summertime BBQ lunch spread, beer and wine in the Social Lounge. The Clubhouse Social Lounge gives you a VIP experience at the Quicken Loans National. 

If socializing with friends over a drink is something you enjoy, there is no better place on course to experience than The Rooftop and Clubhouse Social Lounge. These exclusive ticket packages bring the best of D.C. to Congressional Country Club. Declare your day at the National in style and experience first-hand the VIP experience of The Rooftop and Clubhouse Social Lounge. For more information on these two premium ticket packages, visit the tickets page.