June 13, 2016

TWLC’s summer of STEM, golf and college prep

As the school year is coming to an end, the Tiger Woods Learning Center is just getting started. Summer is a busy time, and this summer will not disappoint. TWLC will offer opportunities for youth and teachers to learn and practice skills in science, technology, engineering, math and golf, as well as prepare for the college application process. From week-long classes to overnight camps, students and teachers will be sure to take part in many fun-filled experiences.

While there will be a number of different programs taking place at TWLC, here are the top five that students, staff and educators will be talking about once the new academic year begins: 

1) College Bound Academy – In July, rising seniors will have the opportunity to attend this two-week summer program that focuses on the college admission and financial aid process for four-year universities. In addition to informative workshops and group sessions, students will receive the unique opportunity to take part in Disney’s Approach to Leadership and Teamwork Workshop at Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California.

2) Golf programs – Starting in June, TWLC’s golf department will be offering five weeks of player development programs for students of all skill levels between the ages of 5-17. Programs focus on the essentials of player development while exploring the science and physics involved in golf’s dynamic motion. Through innovative drills, exercises and activities, students learn the fundamentals of golf in a safe, nurturing environment. For students ages 5-9, TWLC’s Super Junior Golf Camp introduces the golf progression at an early age by developing gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, strength and endurance. After the summer, students will have the opportunity to continue strengthening their golf skills through the year-round program.

Super Junior Golf Camp at the Tiger Woods Learning Center

3) High School Summer Academy – This is a one-week overnight camp for high school students who have completed their freshman, sophomore or junior years. The academy engages and teaches high school students about the essential links between goal-setting, developing skills, higher education and real-world careers. Students spend their days at the Tiger Woods Learning Center in Anaheim in one-of-a-kind STEM programs, and their evenings at the University of California, Irvine, which offers them a glimpse into college life and helps them develop a roadmap for college by participating in seminars that prepare them for higher education.

4) International students – Through the sponsorship of the Drab Foundation, the Tiger Woods Foundation is excited to welcome students from the Czech Republic to participate in a two-week program focused on the U.S. college and university systems. Students will participate in cultural excursions, college visits and workshops to gain an understanding of the U.S. college admissions process. They will also partake in the High School Summer Academy where they will develop skills to pursue STEM-related careers.

5) STEM Studio – This summer we’re excited to pilot STEM Studio, a one-week training for fourth-ninth grade teachers. During this week, teachers will take on the role of a student as they experience hands-on, project-based lessons designed so they can learn, understand, and in turn, teach their students in the classroom. Teachers will gain content expertise and confidence with STEM instruction. They will also have an opportunity to engage in effective instructional strategies, learn about emerging technology tools and collaborate with other Southern California teachers.

With this wide array of programs, workshops and seminars lined up for the summer, students and educators have much to look forward to! 

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