September 15, 2016

What’s on the menu for our ‘Celebration of Unexpected Champions’

As 2016 draws to a close and TWF begins the next chapter of its journey, we are celebrating the accomplishments of the past and forging forward into new and enterprising territory. It takes a good party to tie this story together, and what better place to do it than The New York Public Library? Which brings us to an essential element of this anniversary evening: the food! The heart and soul of any noteworthy celebration revolves around breaking bread, and we can’t wait to enjoy this spirited menu with those who have contributed to the foundation’s past and future success.

As the leaves start changing color and the nights get longer, menu inspiration is drawn from the seasonal bounty of the fall. We worked with Union Square Events to craft an interesting and bold menu befitting the season. Because Union Square Hospitality Group, a Danny Meyer creation, has a strong focus on collaboration and a high caliber of attention to detail and service, which our guests are accustomed to, they were a natural partner for this monumental event. 

The menu creation process was rooted in fresh and hearty selections true to these harvest months, so we went with an upscale spin on warm and cozy favorites such as mac & cheese and chicken pot pie to start the evening out right. Not in its traditional sense, these small passed canapés will feature a decadent gruyère fondue and fromage blanc tarte flambée with Applewood-smoked bacon, to whet your appetite for what’s to come. Rounding out the canapés are caviar tartlets and rich spicy beef tartar. 

Staying in line with the warmth of the season, the first course features a locally-sourced creamy burrata and farm-to-table butternut squash salad accompanied by warm artisanal breads before giving way to the main course — a slow-roasted beef tenderloin with brown butter béarnaise sauce and confit potatoes. Topping off the evening is perhaps the most memorable fare on the menu: the dessert! A soft chocolate cream and caramel custard with whiskey ice cream will make this night of culinary delights and inspirational moments one to be remembered!  

To reserve your spot at the table, please contact Matt Cusick at 949-725-3003 or We hope you’ll dine with us!

Join us for a Celebration of Unexpected Champions.