September 09, 2016

New Boston scholars are transforming adversity into encouragement

After the Deutsche Bank Championship took place at TPC Boston last week, we would like to introduce you to our Class of 2020 Boston scholars. This year, five of our 20 new Earl Woods Scholars hail from the Boston area. Below is a deeper look into the inspiring stories that have made these participants resilient to adversity, while also developing in them a genuine desire to help others.

Muram Bacare 

For Muram, ensuring her own success is not enough. Witnessing her grandmother save a life during a genocide and civil war has inspired her greatly. As she stated, “Her actions in the situation have shown me the importance of acting upon my beliefs even when others do not have the courage to.” 

With this burning desire to positively impact the lives of others, Muram will attend Boston University, where she will use her studies in architecture along with her resources and experiences, to better humankind. 

José Castillo-Melo

For José, life is much like a baseball field. As the captain of a baseball team, he has had the opportunity to witness the positive results of bringing people together to work in unison. In like manner, he desires to positively impact the lives of those who have a similar background as his own by guiding them toward success. In hopes of achieving this and more, José will attend Holy Cross this fall and will major in physics. His ultimate career goal is to become an engineer and contribute to the development of new technologies. 

Cullen Lee 

While many fear problems, Cullen sees them as opportunities to expand the problem-solving skills his family stimulated in him. As he recounted, “Every chance I was given, I would shadow my parents in their problem-solving missions.” 

At his young age, he values the ability to see things from multiple perspectives. He hopes to increase his interdisciplinary mentality while studying computer science at Boston College. His ultimate goal is to come back to his community and use his skill set to better it. 

Aubriana Mency 

At one point in Aubriana’s life, attending college seemed impossible. After losing her father, it appeared to her as if “everything that could go wrong seemed like it was.” However, witnessing her mother’s perseverance inspired Aubriana to fight to break the cycle of failing education and economic endeavors. Today, Aubriana is following her dreams as she prepares for Hampshire College, where she plans to major in theater and sociology. One day she hopes to direct a Broadway show and open a non-profit theater program. 

Benjamin Saint Fort

Self-motivation is one less skill Benjamin will have to acquire this fall at Northeastern University. As one of seven children, Benjamin did not grow up with the attention he would have liked to enjoy. Instead, he had to wake up every morning and motivate himself to give his 100 percent effort. As he revealed to us, he has a fire in him that burns brighter everyday. He hopes to foster the growth of this fire as he reaches for his goal of becoming the best engineer or architect he can possibly be. 

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