August 09, 2016

Vote now for TWF at SXSWedu®

For 20 years, we’ve been equipping students with the ability to exceed any and all expectations. Now we have the opportunity to share our vision on one of education’s largest platforms: SXSWedu®. The Tiger Woods Foundation has submitted six presentation ideas for SXSWedu 2017, a four-day conference in Austin, Texas, for educators and education innovators. 

In order to present at SXSWedu, we need help from YOU, our amazing TWF community! Public voting is a huge part of the application selection process, and we want our community’s voice to be heard at this incredible event. 

Voting is super easy! The links below will bring you right to the voting page where you can give us a “thumbs up.” Please feel free to comment on the submissions as well; we would love to hear about what you think we should highlight in our presentations. While you’re on the SXSWedu site, be sure to check out some of the other great proposals that will help shape the future of education. You do have to register to vote, but it only takes a few seconds to get set up.

We hope to present a few of the ideas and strategies that have helped TWF succeed and to return with alternative perspectives, new approaches and a refreshed mindset that will help us continue serving our students at the Tiger Woods Learning Center and the Earl Woods Scholarship Program.

Check out the proposal ideas below, spread the word about bringing TWF to SXSWedu 2017 and vote to help us achieve our vision of sharing how we can help kids succeed no matter what.

STEM for All: A Q&A with Dr. Katherine Bihr of TWF

Dr. Katherine Bihr, vice president of programs and education at the Tiger Woods Foundation, sits down with a national K-12 reporter for a candid conversation about the future of STEM education in both the traditional school setting and the after-school space.

Creating a STEM Ecosystem

Dr. Katherine Bihr, Tiger Woods Foundation’s VP of programs and education, Discovery Education’s Stacie Kronthal and Pitsco Education’s Matt Frankenbery discuss why a new approach to STEM learning is needed in America’s classrooms.

Bridging the STEM Gap

Tiger Woods Foundation’s vice president of programs and education Dr. Katherine Bihr argues the necessity for not only new approaches to teaching STEM, but the need for focused leadership.

Tech Talk with the Tiger Woods Foundation

Tiger Woods Learning Center senior manager David Tong highlights some of the latest, free learning tools available online for educators to introduce into the environments.

Math in a Box

In this packaging design workshop led by Tiger Woods Learning Center senior manager David Tong, teachers will have the opportunity to use math and engineering skills to create their own 3-D model.

Demystifying Common Core Math

Tiger Woods Learning Center senior manager David Tong will examine various problems that engage the 8 Mathematical Practices, promote effective math discourse in the classroom, highlight the what and why of algebra and help participants apply content knowledge to everyday teaching practices in their classroom.

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