August 04, 2016

Best of New England Bracket Challenge

Defending champion Rickie Fowler kicked off the Best of New England campaign at media day by taking aim at six different targets that represented the best elements of of the region, from food to sports. Now it’s your turn.

Starting Monday, Aug. 8, fans can vote for what best represents the best of New England. From food in the region to New England sports legends and icons, your vote will help pick a winner in our Best of New England Bracket Challenge. Fans will have the opportunity to vote on Facebook for each matchup in a total of three rounds to set up a final championship clash. The bracket is made up of four regions — sports icons, famous foods, vacation spots and actors — going head to head until the ultimate Best of New England champion is crowned.

Head to the Deutsche Bank Championship Facebook page to cast your vote. Make sure to share your best of New England on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #BestofNE.