September 14, 2017

Unrelenting Champions Spotlight: Andreina & Efosa

Unrelenting Champions Andreina & Efosa

At the Tiger Woods Foundation, we have the distinct honor of coming alongside incredibly bright and driven young people, and equipping them with the resources they need to achieve their definition of success. We call them our Unrelenting Champions. A fitting description because they tirelessly and relentlessly pursue their dreams, and achieve them. This month we feature two such champions and Earl Woods Scholars, Andreina & Efosa.

Unrelenting Champion Andreina Nieves Crispin


College: Syracuse University

Major: Public Health

Hometown: Boston, MA


“UNBREAKABLE fully describes my college experience. No matter what happens, either positive, negative or life-changing, I keep going no matter what.”

Unrelenting Champion Efosa


College: Ithaca College

Major: Clinical Health Studies & Physical Therapy

Hometown: New York, NY


“When things get tough, I do not waver. I stand strong.”


Redefining what it means to be a champion.