June 06, 2017

Tips for finding the perfect view at the Quicken Loans National

When you hear the term stadium golf, it does not refer to a sports arena with tiers of seats for fans. It refers to a style of course design made popular by the TPC courses around the country. Stadium golf courses are designed in a way that the fan experience is always accounted for, creating amazing vantage points and viewing areas to take in all the action. Haven’t been to a tournament at TPC Potomac? No problem! Here are the best places to take advantage of the stadium course design and watch golf during the Quicken Loans National:

The front nine at TPC Potomac is designed in an out-and-back fashion. From the first tee, holes Nos. 1 through 4 go out in the same direction before turning around at 5 tee and heading back toward the TPC clubhouse. A great fan feature of the out-and-back design is the proximity of greens to tee boxes, giving fans the opportunity to see multiple different golf shots from a single location.

    With the temperature in Washington, D.C., starting to heat up in late June and early July, finding a cool and shady place on-course is a must. On the front nine, there is no better place to relax in the shade than near 3 green and 6 tee. The green and tee box are separated by only 40 feet, with a small hill between the cart paths that run along the holes. From that elevated vantage point, fans can see the entire par-3 third hole and the tee and approach shots on the sixth. That’s four-to-five golf shots from a single location. The short par-3 third hole is sure to create high drama. It was the sight of Arnold Palmer’s holes-in-one on back-to-back days during the Chrysler Cup in 1986.
  • 4 TEE
    Want to see even more golf? Walk about 100 feet through the tunnel and up the hill, and you’ll have an amazing view of the breathtaking tee shot on the fourth hole. Water hugs the entire left side of the fairway creating the ultimate risk/reward shot off the tee.
    One of the key characteristics of a stadium golf course are the natural amphitheater effects around the greens. 7 green has one of the best natural seating areas on-course at TPC Potomac. The green sits at the base of an elevated hill, providing plenty of seating on three sides of the green. Walk 30 feet off to the player’s right of the green and you’ll be at 8 tee, a narrow shoot down the long par-4 hole. Looking for even more golf in this location? Just a few paces to a player’s left of 7 green is 2 tee. Watch as players get their round started on the second hole, a daunting 600 yard-plus par-5.

Unlike the front nine at TPC Potomac, the back nine is not much of an out-and-back layout, thanks in large part to the two shortest holes on course, the par-3 12th and 17th. The back nine is sure to provide exciting golf action, especially on the closing holes, which highlight the stadium features at TPC Potomac.

  • 12 GREEN AND 13 TEE
    If you venture out to 12 green and 13 tee, you’ll be in store for one of the more unique holes at TPC Potomac. The short par-3 12th features an elevated green, a good 20 yards uphill from the tee box. Once at the green, the vantage point of the par-3 is one that’s hard to beat. Clear sightlines down to the tee box make for a great view of golf. Just off the green sits 13 tee. At only 360 yards, the 13th is one of the shortest par-4s at TPC Potomac.
  • 16 GREEN AND 17
    If there was a signature stretch of holes at TPC Potomac, it would be the closing holes. As the round winds down, the action is sure to heat up on the final stretch. Hospitality tents line the green on 16 and the tee on 17, but there are plenty of good locations to watch golf. A large hill separates the holes and creates the perfect place to sit down and watch your favorite player finish his round. Want a closer view? Head down to 17 green and find a seat in the public grandstand or natural amphitheater. Positioned below the cart path, the green sits down atop a pond, leaving a false front that could make or break the tournament.
    The 18th hole at TPC Potomac is the epitome of stadium golf. Starting at the landing zone along the fairway and leading up to the clubhouse at the green, the course features natural viewing decks along the way. Spot the short rock walls lined with flowerbeds that have a flat grass platform behind it, and you’ve found the viewing decks that are so common at stadium golf courses. Connected to The Yard, the premier fan destination for food, drinks, games and more, the free public viewing decks feature seating and amazing sightlines from fairway to green. Pick out your spot early, as the viewing decks will be a popular location come Sunday when the next Quicken Loans National champion is crowned.

Getting around TPC Potomac could seem like a difficult task for the first-time tournament goer. But with a few tips and tricks, enjoying a round during the Quicken Loans National will be easier than ever.

    If you’re following your favorite golfer from hole to hole, the cart path should be your best friend! Cut down on having to traverse the hillsides at TPC Potomac and make your walk easier by using the paved path. Running the entire length of all 18 holes, the cart path provides a great footing for your walk.
    If you’re planning on walking the course during the Quicken Loans National, give yourself a head start by dressing the part. Comfortable shoes are a MUST! Don’t forget a hat and sun screen to help protect yourself from the summer sun.
    Unless you’re following a group from hole to hole, try walking the course in reverse. By walking the course from 18 to one, you’re walking into players on course and you’ll see the shots in front of you instead of looking at players backs as you walk up to the next group on course.