July 29, 2015

Tiger talks future, military appreciation at Quicken Loans National

During his Quicken Loans National press conference, Tiger discussed a variety of topics, including his plans for the future as well as his appreciation for the military.

  • “First off, I want to thank a few people; obviously, Quicken Loans for their support of this event, Robert Jones Club here for having us here this year for the first time.” 
  • “We’re excited to play, and it’s a lot bigger golf course than I remember in ’05.”
  • “It’s very important to us that the military gets recognized this week for all their service that they do for this country, domestic and abroad. We wouldn’t have these freedoms that we have if it wasn’t for them.”

T-Dub stuffed animal at 2015 Quicken Loans National Press Conference

  • “I didn’t have it at the beginning of the year, and hence I had to spend more time hitting golf balls than chipping and putting, and so that process of scoring has taken a lot longer because of that.” 
  • “Things are starting to come together. Again I’m sticking with it, sticking with the process and just trying to make progress each and every day.” 
  • “I might as well earn on this week and go out and get it done this week.”
  • “Has it been fun going through this? No, it hasn’t because I’m not scoring, obviously.” 
  • “You need to have those opportunities, and I’ve had chances to make those runs and I just haven’t done it.”

Tiger Woods answers questions at the 2015 Quicken Loans National

  • “I’m kind of caught right in between, you know. This is the generation that they grew up watching me play and win tournaments and the guys that I used to play practice rounds are all gone.”
  • “I think it’s going to play a little on the difficult side. But it’s so hot. The ball is flying forever. … The ball flies forever here.”
  • “That’s what Joey keeps reminding me of, ‘Would you just relax? You haven’t played that much. You think about it, the times you have played, and when you’ve been healthy, how many tournaments have you been healthy at? It’s not that big of a number.'”
  • “Hopefully, I can start playing the way that I know I can play and start gaining some Ws again.”