June 15, 2016

The unstoppable Evan Chang

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Evan Chang, an alumnus of the Earl Woods Scholarship Program. As you will see from the video below, he is an amazing and impressive young man. In 2008, he entered our program and began to experience the 360-degree support we provide.

A key part of that support is mentorship. We choose mentors for our kids based on a lot of factors, maybe most importantly their willingness to give of their time and heart to helping their student deal with all the challenges of college. And Evan got pretty lucky when we chose Mike McKee as a mentor for him. Mike is the CEO of Bentall Kennedy, but also the chairman of our board. As you will hear, Mike played a critical role in Evan’s success. And I speak for everyone at the foundation when I thank him, and all of our outstanding mentors, for their service to our scholars.

As you listen to Evan speak about his experience, you’ll get a better understanding of the importance and potential of what we do. We are thrilled to recognize Evan as our very first doctor. He is someone who will make us very proud to call him an Earl Woods Scholar for years to come.

Join us for a celebration of unexpected champions.