August 27, 2014

The face of the Blue Crew

Danielle Sicard has been involved with the Blue Crew — the name affectionately given to the Deutsche Bank Championship’s team of volunteers — for the past 10 years and is now taking on a leadership role as the volunteer chair of this year’s championship, where she will oversee all 1,450 volunteers.

Danielle, a true representative of the Deutsche Bank Championship, has made lifelong connections with championship staff and volunteers that have kept her motivated to give 100 percent to an event and cause she truly believes in. 

Danielle 101:
• Served as the volunteer vice chair in 2013
• Elected town clerk in Norton, Mass. 
• Was the operations director for the Attleboro YMCA 
• Has owned her own business
• Has four children

Danielle on what the Deutsche Bank Championship means to her:
“The thing I enjoy most about the DBC is the friendships I’ve made and how it just feels like a big family,” Danielle said. “I love what the Tiger Woods Foundation does and stands for, so I feel motivated year after year to be a part of the event that benefits the Foundation.”

Who she thinks will raise the Wedgwood Trophy in 2014:
“Tiger would always be my first choice, but since he’s not playing, I’ll have to go with Rory [McIlroy] since he’s been playing so well and since he’s already won the DBC.”