March 12, 2020

TGR Learning Lab shines Student Spotlight Miguel Jimenez

With more than 50 courses available for middle and high school students in the Expanded Learning Program, the flagship TGR Learning Lab provides exposure, preparation and skill development for the workforce of tomorrow.

Through the program, Miguel Jimenez developed skills inside and outside of the classroom and connected his passions to potential career paths. Earlier this year he joined other Learning Lab students on a trip to Disneyland where they heard from Disney Imagineers and tested the new Star Wars attraction prior to its official opening to the public. Miguel is currently an honors student at Kennedy High school and recently took a moment to reflect on his experience and plans for the future in a Q&A.

TGR Foundation: What are five words you would use to describe yourself?

Miguel Jimenez: Smart, happy, adventurous, hardworking and helpful.


TGRF: What are your passions and how do they challenge you to succeed.

MJ: I love playing music with my flute and playing golf with my friends. I challenge myself by playing different songs on the flute, and I work hard to learn new features that I don’t know about on the flute. I also like playing golf with my friends because they challenge me to friendly competitions, and they teach me strategies to help me in golf.


TGRF: Who inspires you and why?

MJ: My dad inspires me to work hard and succeed. He had good grades in school, and he has three jobs and works very hard. Because of all his hard work, he has money to takes us traveling. I want to work hard like him and get good grades and make money to do what I want.

Miguel and his parents gather for a photo during Family Night after learning about his classes and seeing projects completed during the fall session.


TGRF: Why do you enjoy coming to the TGR Learning Lab after school?

MJ: I enjoy coming to the TGR Lab because I see my friends here; I get help with my homework, and I learn lots of exciting things. The teachers are very nice and helpful. I appreciate them all. I am happy and enjoy my time here.


TGRF: What classes have you taken at the TGR Learning Lab?  

MJ: I have taken many classes at the TGR Learning Lab. They include robotics, civil engineering, wearable electronics, green energy engineering, golf and many more.


TGRF: What has been your favorite class?

MJ: I have enjoyed all of them, but if I had to pick one favorite, it would be golf. The reason why I enjoy golf is because it was my first experience with golf. I learned to appreciate the game and had fun with my friends.


TGRF: What career paths are you interested in?

MJ: I would either like to be a musician, chemical engineer or a golf instructor. These three jobs would fit me because I love playing music, I love science, and I love playing golf. I would do any of these jobs.


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