February 12, 2018

TGR Learning Lab Returns to Genesis Open

TGR Learning Lab Tent at Genesis Open

The TGR Learning Lab brings its award-winning, project-based STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) curriculum to The Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles during the Genesis Open. From Thursday, February 15 through Sunday, February 18, young golf fans between the ages of 10-16 can swing by the TGR Learning Lab tent and test their STEM skills!


Visitors will engage in hands-on learning experiences, while getting a glimpse at the project-based activities that set the flagship TGR Learning Lab apart. Located in Family Village near 14 tee at Riviera, the TGR Learning Lab tent will host a photo booth plus interactive STEM challenges, that are family-friendly and free for all guests. Check out the full list of activities in-store:

 Tower Challenge at Genesis Open

Tower Challenge

Participants will be challenged to build a freestanding structure using small wooden cubes, jumbo craft sticks and small plastic cups. The tower must balance on only one wooden cube. A top-10 record will be kept and a giveaway will be awarded daily at 11:30 am and 2:00 pm to the top participants on the list. 


Buoyancy Challenge

Learn more about the engineering design process and create a floating craft using only aluminum foil.  See how many pennies, washers, etc. your craft can support before sinking! A top-10 record will be kept and a giveaway will be awarded daily at 11:30 am and 2:00 pm to the top participants on the list.

 Golf STEM Activity at Genesis Open

Science of Golf

Learn about the science of golf through technology using the Aurasma application.  Participants will activate video clips pertaining to the science of golf. Themes and concepts include:

  1. Aerodynamics of a Golf Ball
  2. Golf Ball Compression
  3. Kinematic Sequence
  4. Putting Pendulum
  5. Stimping Green Speed
  6. Why Golf Balls Have Dimples?


Tinkering Table

Can you make a light bulb glow? We’ll give you a Tinkering Kit and set you off on our circuitry challenge. With three different challenges to choose from, participants will gain a better understanding of circuitry and the electrical components used to create electrical paths.

 Archimedes' Driver at Genesis Open

Archimedes’ Driver

Want to find out why golf equipment have regulations to be able to compete in official tournaments? Participants will investigate the volume of different club heads and predict which ones are within range of conformity based off USGA standards. 

With a variety of activities on display at the TGR Learning Lab tent, we hope you’ll join us and discover if your STEM game is on par!

For more information on the TGR Learning Labs click here.

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