June 09, 2020

TGR Foundation stands with Black community against racism, commits to driving change through education

Every day at TGR Foundation we work toward our vision of a world where opportunity is universal and potential is limitless.

Our impact over the last 25 years has reached into deeply underrepresented communities of color. As we move through an unprecedented global pandemic and unrest over the recent tragic deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and many other members of the Black community that have come before them, our thoughts are with their families. Beyond our emotions, we offer our support and commitment to be a part of real change.

We believe that education is the best way to drive that change and create a world where our vision is a reality for all. Over the last week, we’ve continued to engage in dialogue, embrace tough conversations that inform our perspectives and future actions and listen to voices of those who are feeling the disappointment, sadness, trauma and rage the most.

As we train educators to implement student-centered learning environments and foster them in our TGR Learning Labs across the country, we know the seats in their classrooms are often filled with Black and Brown students. With all that we do to empower them and ensure that they are set up for success in college, careers and life, it’s unfathomable that their potential and opportunities could be stripped and tainted from injustices caused by the realities of racism.

We have long highlighted their voices, offered a platform for them to be heard and given them holistic support beyond the classroom. As I think about stories and experiences of our students and Earl Woods Scholars, I’m reminded of the inequities in our society, the need for critical change and the importance of our continued work. It is their voices that will bring a more just society.

Through our commitment to be a part of real change, we will continue to build on our work, focusing on education and preparing underserved children for a successful future. We will develop new ways to reach those kids no matter their social circumstances. And we will work to rally support among organizations to make a difference and collaborate with us to create a better life for those in need.

Change, synergy and diversity are three of five core values at TGR Foundation that are met with passion and accountability. Embracing each of them, we will continue to move forward and turn our raw emotions into the kind of action that leads us into a brighter tomorrow.



Rick Singer

President and CEO

TGR Foundation – A Tiger Woods Charity