August 04, 2020

TGR Foundation releases 2019 Annual Report

In 2019 we achieved more together as we continued to work toward our mission to empower youth through education and our vision of a world where opportunity is universal and potential is limitless.

With the release of our 2019 Annual Report, we look back on a year highlighted by a historic milestone as we reached a cumulative one million students impacted through TGR EDU: Explore, alone. In addition, we continued to fulfill our mission and expand impact among students, educators and families globally.

“As an organization, TGR Foundation made significant strides in all areas in 2019, advancing strategic initiatives that broaden our impact and lay the foundation for continued growth,” said Rick Singer, President and CEO. “As we look ahead we are excited about new opportunities to reach more students around the world, whether in person, online or through their teachers.”

Although we achieved two strategic goals ahead of schedule, our goals and objectives over the next five years will be shaped by our success with a continued focus on

  • STEM
  • higher education
  • educator professional development
  • career and workforce readiness
  • global access to quality education and support

Released amid a global pandemic and heightened awareness of social injustice, the report outlines 2020 Key Focus Areas that accelerate action and direction of our programs, events and messaging to meet the needs of the underrepresented and high-needs communities we serve.

Our achievements and impact will continue with ongoing generosity from our donors, partners and volunteers and the commitment from our dedicated staff, the Board of Governors and Council of Advisors as we move forward.

Outlining highlights from our programs and TGR Live Events, the report is now available at


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