November 28, 2017

TGR EDU: Explore Launches Financial Pur$uit

TGR EDU: Explore Financial Pursuit

The Tiger Woods Foundation strives to break down the barriers for equitable access to higher education via the unparalleled Earl Woods Scholar Program, innovative college-access programming for students and families from coast-to-coast and unique digital learning experiences on TGR EDU: Explore, a free resource for students, families and educators. Launching todayNovember 28, 2017 – is an e-learning module focused on helping students and families navigate the college financial aid process called Financial Pur$uit. This 40-minute module is the next iteration of a long-standing tradition of making college graduation a reality for students.

Students and families often feel overwhelmed and confused by the college financial aid process, and paying for college can be a concern. Many families are unable to pay for an entire year of college up front, let alone four. There are also several misconceptions about what financial aid is, who is eligible and what it takes to be eligible.

Financial Pur$uit was created to help debunk these misconceptions, build student confidence about affording college and provide a pathway that includes resources and information to help students – and their families – successfully access college financial aid.

Throughout the module, students will learn strategies for understanding college costs, completing financial aid forms and deciphering financial aid award letters. It also includes steps students can take before and during senior year to help them pay for college.

Financial Pur$uit comes with an accompanying Financial Aid Family Discussion Starter, a resource for families which provides additional support, links to helpful resources, tips for accessing financial aid and an activity that helps families break down the true costs of attending college.

Financial Pur$suit breakdown

Coupled with College Blueprint, an e-learning module launched earlier this year that walks students through the college application and admissions process, Financial Pur$uit joins the growing list of available college-access resources on TGR EDU: Explore.

Stop by today to see how TGR EDU: Explore can help students find their passions, explore careers in STEM and access college information like never before!


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