September 10, 2015

Six reasons why I love my new job

As the fall semester kicks off, the newest member of the Tiger Woods Learning Center teaching staff in Anaheim, California, recaps the best aspects of her exciting new career in STEM education, pointing kids toward college and careers.

1) A welcoming staff: I have been welcomed with open arms into one of the best places to work in Orange County. The learning that takes place inside of the building goes beyond STEM training and traditional classroom experiences. Students are provided with a safe environment to grow and explore options to better their future.

2) Creating curriculum: One of my main focuses is to create new curriculum to further the STEM education for these students. As a unit, the staff spends countless hours creating new curriculum to bring the students back after each session.

Outside view of the Tiger Woods Learning Center located in Anaheim, California

3) Cleanliness of the facility: The employees take pride in the appearance of the Learning Center facility, which is immaculate on a daily basis. An environment can be established by plans and design, but it is the employees that keep the atmosphere up to par. The Tiger Woods Learning Center staff creates an environment for children that is second to none.

Students of Tiger Woods Learning Center pose in front of several university banners

4) College-driven programs: Learning Center programs are based on careers and encouraging local youth to think about what type of career they would like to pursue. Programs inspire students to be college and career driven at a young age.

Two students at the Tiger Woods Learning Center prepare for a dissection in their biotechnology class

5) Dissecting organisms on a weekly basis: One of the options offered to fifth graders during the day is marine science. Facilitating the weeklong marine science course is an unparalleled experience. For some of the students attending the Learning Center, it is the first and only time they have had the opportunity to dissect an organism. The excitement shared among the students is rewarding in and of itself.

6) Impact on the community: The Tiger Woods Learning Center provides students with a gateway to a future full of endless possibilities. The staff works together as a unit and prides themselves on the success of the students. I am happy to be a part of a foundation that is making such an impact in the community.

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